The population of the planet Alcyone is split in two; the cultures of the Ceveans and the Storrions are locked in eternal war, destroying their home. Led by their priestess Amiel, the Ceveans constructed the Ark in an attempt to flee their world, but the Ark was ceased by the Storrions, enslaving some of the Ceveans and banishing the rest to the wastelands.

Futiristic people need to escape their doomed planet before it's too late . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ark torrent reviews

Susie E (gb) wrote: I love Jason Bateman and Olivia Wikde. Cute stor.

Frank L (it) wrote: Well, when you got a prick of a friend, the best thing to do is to bury his beaten-up body.

Bjorn O (fr) wrote: Dokumentren i sig r vldigt vlgjord, klipp frn filmer,stillbilder,tv-shower mm.Jag har hrt talas om det hr frr ( det har vl alla) men visste inte riktigt alla turerna.Det r vl s i USA att Polanski ftt en massa ofrtjnt skit och ven om tiderna var annorlunda frr och han r en av vrldens bsta regissrer s kan man inte komma i frn att han gav en 13 ring champagne och piller, fotade och sodomiserade henne, det r inte riktigt ok.

Jarryd R (es) wrote: kool as i might wanna see lol of course i wanna see it

Jessica H (es) wrote: Nature called and said this film is a natural disaster.

Stephanie R (it) wrote: Well-made little film, good acting from the leads. Historically accurate too which was nice.

Graham M (mx) wrote: It's a typical pirate film with no unexpected twists or turns, beyond the female lead, but it's quick-moving enough to never be boring.

Alvin Y (br) wrote: My Family, Great MoviesThis movie is by far one of the best Latino stories I have ever seen.True, the movie does use stereotypes (such as Jimmy and his prison life) Chuco and his gang life which eventually leads to his death, and of course who can forget the backyard wedding and the large family living in a small home. However, this movie is not meant to be a representation of ALL Latino's everywhere, rather its meant to merely tell one families story and struggles in the United States. The comments stating "This movie does not represent Latinos everywhere!!" are absolutely correct. And it does not represent Latinos, but it does help you learn about one family you learn to almost care about by the end of the film. Going back to the story itself, I can honestly say that the movie itself was very well made. Jimmy Smits performance was superb and the movie was very focused on all the family members. The film provides a sense of hope at the end, basically trying to get across that while life is full of problems they are manageable. Also, the fact that the movie also involved a different Latino culture, such as the Central American Isabel helped viewers understand that even among Latino's there are differences in cultures. I would definitely recommend this movie to someone willing to learn about one Mexican American families struggle.

Paula K (gb) wrote: This really opened my eyes about Archibishop Romero and his impact in El Salvador.

Ifiok O (de) wrote: There's no stronger bound I know better than the one between a boy and his...cheetah. Well in this case, their bond is pretty strong. Disney movies.

Stewart H (br) wrote: Used the love this film as a kid - now, not so much - it's a bit crap!

Anna J (ru) wrote: I watched this movie not too too long ago, it was great. c:

Alastair K (au) wrote: If it makes me cry, it will rate high.

Brian K (ca) wrote: A funny movie with an offbeat dramatic edge. the majority of the main cast are easy to sympathize with regardless of what side of the legal debate you're on. this movie would have been perfect had it not been for the sudden ending.

Josh M (br) wrote: Extremely predictable, and not very exciting, but Owen Wilson is genuine and likable. You can't help but smile at all his hijinks. Very weak cast outside of Wilson (and Hudson) and again, very predictable.

Tiffiney T (mx) wrote: Too freaky! Avoided plants, flowers, and grass for the longest time!