Arkadaslar Arasinda

Arkadaslar Arasinda

Baris, Cenk and Deniz prepares a surprise party to celebrate Ayhan's birthday. Ayhan is lack of love, unemployed and he doesn't have a goal in life. Baris is engaged and has to do his ...

Baris, Cenk and Deniz prepares a surprise party to celebrate Ayhan's birthday. Ayhan is lack of love, unemployed and he doesn't have a goal in life. Baris is engaged and has to do his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David L (ca) wrote: In every good horror genre, there is always one film that sets itself apart from the rest, and in terms of who's the King of the dolls, Chucky leads the field by a mile. Ok, so people might remember this series because it's released several episodes, the later ones being quite scandalous, corny and ridiculously unrealistic. Go back a few years though to when this was released, and you have a concept that plays more upon the psychological terror that a motionless doll can inflict, rather than a bloodfest of unnecessary ways to murder people. The fright comes from the suspense and build up here, as opposed to the grotesque killings. No one would ever suspect a doll coming to life on a psychotic rampage so we watch with frustration as a boy and his mother endure the pain of no one believing their unlikely story. It's definitely the sort of watch that would give children nightmares, I mean what's worse than being attacked by a ginger midget? This is by far one of the more credible takes of the franchise, as we learn the origins of just how Chucky came into circulation. It's focusing more on developing a storyline than shocking its audience, which is why there would have been demand for a sequel. Nowadays, I think people are just wanting it to end given the straight to DVD releases that are being tossed out for fun. Don't judge this film by those mistakes though as this is the much more credible original production that created the doll and gave it it's legendary status in the horror hall of fame in the first place. A must see, unless you still sleep with a cuddly toy that is.

Alan A (jp) wrote: La seleccin y la direccin de los actores, cada uno de ellos, es simplemente perfecta... Un guin excelente y una reflexin que de manera admirable se libra de toda discucin poltica que la misma historia conlleva, !un verdadero retrato de la nis!

Jordan S (fr) wrote: When this movie was growing up, it wanted to be a good movie, but somehow, it only found the smallest budget ever and it was a sad movie. The End.

Zahid C (kr) wrote: Day: SundayDate: 17 Dec 2006Amt: 60RsTime: 9.30pmOver at: 12.15pmWith: Ismail, Mom, AzeemTheatre: Eros, MumbaiSeat No: W101 -W104Name: BAABUL

Angel Villegas D (es) wrote: Though very similar to My Sassy Girl, I Just Love Jeon Ji-Hyun... She's Great in Comedies and Awesome in Dramas, having 3 of her film remade in English Version, (My Sassy Girl, Il Mare (Lake House), The Uninvited) I can't wait to see her first Hollywood Movie (Blood: The Last Vampire)

Jwee Chiek E (gb) wrote: Surprisingly watchable despite poor ratings. Only because I saw the prequel, "Rise of the Lycans" first. Big difference to the enjoyment value when one understands the origin of vampires and lycans and the ancient blood feud that lasted for centuries until Michael comes along. The stunts and special effects were quite commendable.

Edith N (au) wrote: Real Shades of Grey This is late enough into the war so that really, anyone Jewish is lucky to be alive at all in the Netherlands. Over a hundred thousand Dutch Jews were rounded up, and a scant 876 of them survived. These kinds of statistics are staggering to me. That's less than a one percent chance of survival. There were other populations with even worse chances, too. And if you manage to survive four years of occupation by a force that wants to kill you just because of your ethnic origin, it's reasonable to think that you'd be willing to do just about whatever it took to keep surviving when it looked as though there was practically no time left before you'd be free. If the war was ending, the Germans defeated, what would you risk to make sure you survived the last few months before they were driven out? Especially if you had an obvious case of PTSD going at the same time. There would be no easy choices. In this case, our survivor is Rachel Stein (Carice van Houten). In fact, we know that she survives even to 1956, when she is living on a kibbutz. However, in 1944, she was living in hiding when an Allied bomber, trying to lighten its load and escape German fighters, accidentally bombs the farmhouse where she's been hiding. She thinks she has found a way to escape to Belgium, which has already been liberated, but her group--which also includes her parents and brother--is betrayed, and she is the only survivor. She finds her way to the Resistance, where she is renamed Ellis de Vries. Now, instead of just hiding, she is actively fighting the Germans. And because she coincidentally encounters Gestapo chief Ludwig Mntze (Sebastian Koch) on a train and hits it off with him, she is given the assignment of seducing him to get any information about what's going on in Gestapo headquarters that she can. Unfortunately, someone in the Resistance is feeding information to Gnther Franken (Waldemar Kobus), Mntze's rival in the Gestapo office. It's petty, but one of the things I liked least about Gnther was his persistence in forcing his way into every public performance Ellis did in front of Gestapo audiences. Before the war, Rachel Stein had been a cabaret singer in Berlin. She uses that as one of the ways she plans to attract Mntze's attention. Now, she has serious problems with Gnther, who led the squad that killed her family. The first time she sees him at Gestapo headquarters, she has to vomit. And then he persists in sharing the microphone with her, taking over her numbers, and so forth. No, even if Gnther were more attractive than he is, he isn't the person that the audience wanted to see. A pretty girl in a pretty dress is a lot more desirable to probably almost all of his coworkers. I doubt being able to whistle is going to help him work his way up the ladder. It's not just showboating; it's how he treats Ellis while he does it. She's a prop, because women aren't real people to him. The character I had the hardest time with was Mntze, however. I mean, Gnther? He's an animal. He considers the Jews and the Dutch to be lesser humans, if that, and as far as he's concerned, they deserve whatever bad happens to them. The various people who betray or are betrayed through the course of the movie? Yes. Even when their betrayal saddens me, I can generally understand why they did it. However, I'm not entirely sure how Mntze ended up in the Gestapo. Yes, I suppose there were people who were just trying to serve their country and somehow ended up in a really nightmarish situation. However, those people probably seldom rose to positions with any kind of real authority. I don't think every Gestapo officer was a monster, but I have a hard time believing that one would fall for "sure I'm Jewish, but I'm also sexy," which is basically what Ellis pulls on him. The chronology of events didn't work for me; even he says it's a little fast between meeting the girl and the death of one of his operatives. And, yes, the weirdest part is that this movie is from the man who gave us [i]Showgirls[/i]. There are several sex scenes in this movie--well, there would almost have to be. (For example, I'm not entirely sure we need the scene of Ellis's bleaching her pubic hair.) I'm not sure the framing mechanism entirely works. Yes, it's good to see what is, in the end, done with the stolen money from the dead Jews. (Though I put it to you that Ellis is wrong when she says that it doesn't belong to anyone, given that some of it is hers any way you look at it.) It is also a little sobering to consider that, in 1956, Holocaust survivors were at war with people who wanted to wipe them out. (Not that I hold Israel blameless, but I've always understood why the Jews wanted their own country--and, yes, [i]that[/i] particular piece of land.) However, I think it takes away a little of the suspense in the moments when Ellis is in the most danger, when you know that she emigrates to Israel as Rachel Stein.

EvaLena I (ag) wrote: Sweet familymovie. A mother leave her 6 year old girl with an old friend of hers for two weeks while she is on business in Canada. He doesn`t like the idea from the start but soon he starts liking having her around. When he tells her a bedtimestory she record it and the next day she meets with a secretary that write the story down. They think about sending it in to a publishing house. The man is a struggling author. Then the girl is still with him, he finds out he is her father and he wants to see her more but it`s that easy.

Cameron F (kr) wrote: A demented ripoff of Look Who's Talking

Mairim R (us) wrote: Grandiosa historia. Muy realista. Fabulosos actores y el dilogo, uff, excepcional.Tremenda direccin. Aplausos para Cecilia Roth. Una pelicula sobre la soledad, el amor, dinero, sexo, drogas y claro .. la vida.

Borhan K (gb) wrote: Coldwater is based on a true story that happened in a type of army teen correctional institution that happened several years back.It's pretty hard and heavy and is not everyone's cup of tea. My sister came down while I was watching this flick with my wife and was caught in the middle of the never-ending screaming and swearing that was going on,Although Flixster advises that this is not rated I would advise its R only for adults no kids allowed.If you are into army kinda movies for teens and true stories this would be something for you.I found it to be something I can live without but its a good slap in the face of what reality is like for some people.A one time watch for me no real re-watch value here.

Brad S (gb) wrote: The consensus is pretty right on this one: it's a mess. Gorgeous cinematography, lighting, CGI, production design, and world building, but the story is a jumble of ideas and characters with no connection or emotional impact. I was lost at the start and felt that way at the end. But there are some strong moments here and there. I wonder who or what is to blame for this: the writers, studio producers, Ridley Scott? All of the above? Very disappointing because this $150 million movie could have been some thing good.

Alonso A (gb) wrote: Some good and known actors here, great music, great cinematography, the directing is very good indeed, but as all Dominik films, his movies just seem a little bit too narcissistic and maybe thinks it is more intelligent than it actually is, still good thriller with graphic violence and a message that is delivered.

Daniel V (kr) wrote: The darkest, bleakest comedy you are bound to see. The depravity that heroine can drive you to is on full display here. All these actors Ewan, Jonny Lee, Kevin Mckidd, Kelly Macdonald, Robert Carlyle, the guy who plays Spud whose name I can never remember, all of these actors are working today in high profile projects. Danny Boyle is one of our best directors working today. They all got their big break right here. This movie is still great 20 years later.