This is a story about returning to ones ancestral homeland. Anna is a cardiologist who discovers her father has fled to his native Armenia after being diagnosed with a heart problem. Despite their contentious relationship, she sets out to bring her father back for this operation. Anna is a tough-minded, headstrong woman with little feeling for her fathers homeland or patience with its politics and socially intrusive culture, yet she finds this journey not only a reunion of sorts, but one of reconciliation as well.

Barsam, Anna's father, is seriously ill. Before he dies, he would like to bequeath his daughter something : he would like to teach her doubt. As he flees to Armenia, he leaves many clues ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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bloodywhitetrap (it) wrote: spike Lee is a horrible filmmaker in my opinion but this was actually good the story is about a black man from Harlem married with a daughter falls for a Italian woman the 2 do it one night and try to kindle a relationship despite the racist and stereotypical community they both live. the mans brother a crack addict constantly asking for money is hated by his supposed religious dad and loved by his mom but he can never get clean. and a heartbroken Italian dude falls for a older black woman the movie works at showing racial struggles and how color plays a huge role even in the 80s and it shows a clear message of not letting someone get away from you if could haunt you forever however by a hour and 40 minutes into the movie the ending begins to be half assed and the movies horrible disappointing ending defeated the purpose of the whole movie regardless pretty good

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