The film follows Ibro (Emir Hadžihafizbegović) and his son Armin (Armin Omerović), who travel from a small town in Bosnia to a film audition in Zagreb, hoping to land a part for Armin in a German film about the war in Bosnia. On their way to fulfilling the boy's dream, they encounter a series of disappointing setbacks — their bus to Zagreb breaks down and they are late for the audition. After Ibro convinces the director to give the boy a second chance, they soon realize that Armin is too old for the part anyway. As it becomes obvious that Armin's dream of playing a part in the movie will never happen, he feels increasingly disheartened, while Ibro's determination to help his son grows. Finally they do get another chance, but Armin buckles under the pressure and experiences an epileptic seizure. As they get ready to head back to Bosnia, the film crew makes an unexpected offer, but when Ibro refuses, Armin at last realizes how much his father really loves him.

Ibro takes his son Armin from their small Bosnian village to Croatia to audition for a German film about the Balkan conflict. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jackie D (kr) wrote: Always have loved Bruce Willis' die hard movies. This was no exception.

Kiran A (it) wrote: The movie is not binding enough. you get bored when one scene changes to another. There is no synchronisation only.

Tina A (br) wrote: Why bother cancelling a show if you are just going to make a movie that is just like an episode of the show.I say bring the show back and end it right.

Joey T (jp) wrote: I picked this up when I had the Blockbuster program where you trade in the movies they send you in the mail for an in store rental and I couldn't find anything I wanted. Ended up being a pretty good movie!

Leo L (fr) wrote: An interesting movie. Kareena Kapoor and Rahul Bose give a good performance as they star in this movie about two individuals who meet and fall in love on a single, raining night. The confidence and hardships that they have endured are shared between them as they are trapped in the entrance of a building in the downpour. Good movie that is worth seeing.

Jordan P (de) wrote: HA indeed Panschuck! I watched this last year for film class and had to analyze the shit out of it. But even after watching it ten times over I still felt like there was more to be studied. It's true what they say, we are all ants.

Derya S (ca) wrote: realistic dialogues and well developed characters are so rare to find in movies these days, this movie is a great example of both..

Shane J (nl) wrote: One of dolphs best films. as reviewers have said on here just was released to late. The 90's these kinda action films never made it big. 80'S this would be regarded as a better film. The plots been done time and time again, dolph and his group of mercenarys are hired to move some natives they befriend them, and then decide to defend them when the next bunch come in to do the job. Predictable but fun!

Alexander C (br) wrote: Would like to see at some stage.

Ayesha R (kr) wrote: This movie made me wonder what I would do if that was me. I like when he made his companion out of the volleyball so he do not feel lonely.

Colin M (it) wrote: Great because it's SO bad, laughed like a drain at the crappy rubber face mask. Watch his teeth wobble and be very amused!

Craig C (es) wrote: Gerry Anderson's wildly derivative answer to Kubrick's 2001. The actors and props get recycled for 1970's short-lived UFO series. For hardcore fans of Gerry Anderson and Space:1999 ONLY!

Scott R (br) wrote: Powerful love story set in medieval japan. Great acting, costumes, sets, and haunting music. It comes together to tell the story of loyalty, love and honor. It was a groundbreaking film for the world.

MF J (fr) wrote: We saw this film in my film class and let me tell you, this is one of the most intense film I have seen in a long time. Depicting the precarious and difficult situation of Germany after the end of the war, the film shows that war indeed lasted far longer than we think for the civilian people battling every day to get food and survive in a completely ruined country. The principles , the beliefs and the values have gone out of the window here, because survival is more important than moral. The strength of the film is to show the story through the eyes of a young boy and we accompany him and his relatives on their daily struggle to survive in this post war Germany that seems like an endless desolated landscape filled with ruins and dodgy individuals trying to survive each in their own ways. The film tackles some extremely sensitive topics and I realized how daring and courageous Rossellini has been in the making of this film. some of the themes and images would not even make it to the final cut in a film today because they would be judged too controversial but it seems like people in 1949 (only 4 years after the greatest war of them all) had a lot more guts and convictions than we have today. One of the scene that I really liked is when the young boy goes selling a vinyl to the American soldiers and to show them the machine is working, puts on a Hitler speech that resonates in the ruins of the surrounding buildings. The haunting voice screaming the glory of the German people suddenly takes a complete different and emotional dimension in the middle of the ruins. Very powerful moment. Filled with religious allegories, the film manages to tackle ever aspect of the reconstruction process and the slow recovery of a nation who's lost everything and more in the aftermath of WWII. Strong film, powerful film, the last scene will stick with you for a long time believe me.

logan g (jp) wrote: kevin spacey is bad ass

ScubaSteve Walter M (br) wrote: Worst Eddie Murphy movie!

Tara H (mx) wrote: One of the funniest movies ever made if you've ever worked in an office. Love it.

Logan H (it) wrote: The Community in Limbo is Given HumanityThe Giver film, is predominantly based on the multi-award winning novel written by the proficient Lois Lowry. Creatively directed by Phillip Noyce and starring Jeff Bridges (The Giver), Brenton Thwaites (Jonas, The Receiver), and Meryl Streep (The Chief Elder) collectively make up an outstanding cast. Taylor Swift (Rosemary), also plays a semi-important featured role in the movie with Jeff Bridges. In an advanced 'Utopian' society, humans achieve a thriving non-prejudicial environment, but a loss that made humans unique occurred in the past. Emotions, memories, and the ability to truly connect with one another is taken away by a simple daily injection. Color is removed from every citizens' vision, also climate control is achieved to eliminate illnesses. With a lack of color, there is no clear racial differences between individuals.Director Phillip Noyce brilliantly begins The Giver in black and white, which illustrates the characters' lack of emotions with each other. Everyone is afraid of being different. However, Jonas catches a glimpse of color riding his bike with his two best friends Fiona (Odeya Rush), and Asher (Cameron Monaghan). The visual transitions of color throughout the movie follow Jonas' path of training to become different. You see everybody from infancy to The Chief Elder receives their assigned roles in The Community. At the annual Ceremony of Twelve, every young person's name is called, and assigned a role in the Community. They must fill this role for the rest of their lives. Jonas is the last one called. He is awarded a highly, yet honorable role as the Community's next Receiver of Memory. This begins Jonas' journey. Jonas meets with the current Receiver of Memory, AKA The Eponymous Giver played by a philosophical Jeff Bridges, to begin his training. The Receiver of Memory's purpose is to bear the memories from all of history, through allowed access to books. The Giver also transfers these memories and emotions literally through a physical laying on of hands. This is Jonas' honorable training.Targeting a young adult audience, Noyce conveys the importance of being human. The film's human connection is essential to being different, and through observing ourselves the viewers can transform like Jonas in today's reality. Transitioning from uneducated to enlightened about our pasts, our current external presents, to develop and shape our futures.The Giver is a masterpiece novel and movie. The story doesn't feel rushed, there is adventure, romance, and a Utopia turned Dystopia. The human interaction and connections that we make and infer are astonishing in terms that human life needs to stay individualistic and cherished for our differences.