A Royal Marine awakens to find himself imprisoned and forced to fight to the death against inhuman opponents again and again.

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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:2013
  • Language:English
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A Royal Marine awakens to find himself imprisoned and forced to fight to the death against inhuman opponents again and again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Armistice torrent reviews

Alfonso M (au) wrote: realistic romantic comedy for our time.

Brian H (ru) wrote: Doesn't quite hold together in premise and exposition, but has a good heart and a novel subject matter. Worth watching.

David Ray G (nl) wrote: This truly was a masterpiece. You know how sometimes you watch a movie and you're not sitting in the chair of your desk, your eyes are not on your computer screen, but you are actually IN the movie? Taking part in everything that is happening? Well, this is what will happen with this film as well. Idiots And Angels is the most perfect title they could have come up with. The protagonist of this film is an idiot himself - his daily routine has taken away all pleasure from his life and he's nothing but an android, driving to work, returning, shouting from inside his car, laughing at the humiliation of others, drinking at a god-forsaken bar. And then something happens. He grows wings. And even though it takes him a while to understand how to treat his "difference", he finally distances himself from the avarice of humanity, and he becomes just...human, more than anything. Bill Plympton didn't use many things to make this film - just a brilliant concept, and the most simplistic one. A film that deals with the most common weaknesses: money, fame, envy, pride. And yet, as this film proves there will always be something to balance with all that's unjust.

Eliabeth R (jp) wrote: Jams supe si esta pelcula era de terror o era cmica, sinceramente pelcula de mala calidad, bajo presupuesto y p (C)simas actuaciones, creo que ni para ver en casa

Archibald T (br) wrote: An odd experiment that doesn't go anywhere.

Samantha S (us) wrote: Bizarre and twisted, sort of fun

Rebecca S (it) wrote: Al Pacino's dial doesn't have any settings between 2 and 11, but it's still fun to watch this self-indulgent film about diving into a text just for the sake of making sense of it. It made me terribly nostalgic for my days at the Actors Studio where this sort of behavior is encouraged.

David S (es) wrote: the best movie ever made in the '80s.

Daniel P (ag) wrote: Casino Royale reinvents James Bond into a serious, realistic agent with a soul.

Michael B (gb) wrote: A cult classic roger corman SF film. Some cheesy acting and special effects, but an interesting film.

Nicolas M (jp) wrote: Un mauvais film d'action ideal pour un dimanche apres-midi pluvieux... On ne croit pas une seconde au casting, Van Damme est comme d'habitude grandiose de ridicule (ils essaient de faire passer son accent de chiotte pour un accent russe sur les trois repliques qu'il a sur tout le film). Contient quelques beaux moments nanars.

Christopher B (jp) wrote: Gibson is a badass and this movie was amazing.

Michel C (jp) wrote: Pas d'effet speciaux, ni mille et une bombe.. Juste du bon acting et superbe histoire de courage. L'histoire vrai de Dieter Dengler.

Camille L (es) wrote: Rudy est un film bourre de bons sentiments, parfois manipulateur et qui sous-estime le talent de ses seconds roles (Jon Favreau, Charles S. Dutton et surtout Vince Vaughn). Mais Rudy est aussi un film tres touchant, sincere et plutot bien filme (surtout dans les scenes de sport) par le veteran David Anspaugh, deja auteur du film Hoosiers, avec des performances d'acteur parfaites. Sean Astin est epoustouflant en underdog et parvient a sublimer un scenario un peu etrange. Quant a la musique de Jerry Goldsmith, elle fait son effet : larmoyante mais efficace. A l'image du film.

Samara G (de) wrote: very good movie especially if u like dancing

Audun V (nl) wrote: Dolphs sitat "From sweden like me" nr han omtaler Carl Gustav rakettkasteren er grunn nok til se denne kvalitetsfilmen!