Armour Of God

Armour Of God

Jackie Chan stars as Asian Hawk, an Indiana Jones-style adventurer looking to make a fortune in exotic antiquities. After Hawk discovers a mysterious sword in Africa, a band of Satan-worshipping monks kidnap his ex-girlfriend Lorelei, demanding the sword as ransom as well as other pieces of the legendary Armour of God - a magical outfit dating back to the Crusades.

JackieJackie, Alan and May, a beautiful partner travel deep into Eastern Europe to find the cult';s monastery. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lou R (de) wrote: Hailee Steinfeld gives an award winning performance. Great movie!

Miriam J (de) wrote: Such a heartwarming story. I love it!

Chad K (mx) wrote: I really got into it. If you've lived out in the country and heard unexplained noises in the woods or if the thought that there may be something in the woods that we don't know about scares you then this could work. If you really want to second guess camera angles and dialog then give Exists a pass.

Sean C (es) wrote: little over the top sometimes but I don't watch just any movie more then twice!

Miuho K (au) wrote: "j os homens no. pelo o que eu pude observar deles at (C) hoje, no sabem de onde vem, pra onde vo, porque nascem, porque morrem, pra que vivem... essa vida cheia de dvida eles chamam de vida consciente."

Greg W (gb) wrote: one of the few movies that l like micheal keaton in

Anthony T (es) wrote: Not as great as 1 or 2, but still a pretty solid film.If you enjoyed the first 2, this film is a must see.

Jason K (de) wrote: Solid cast, solid story, solid cinematography= solid film

Darryl G (es) wrote: Pete at his best, but he's not on his own, makes for a touching film that is inspired as it is important. Simply sublime.

Kevin H (gb) wrote: This movie was a dog. It was full of property errors, anachronism and general poor effects. Not a very believable movie. You waited for it to get better and it didn't.

jay n (mx) wrote: A really bad film redeemed somewhat by Adam Arkin's natural charm. This was his first lead and much better things were ahead for him the same was not true for Elizabeth Hartman. She has a small role here well beneath her talents, at one time a rising Oscar nominated actress this was her last onscreen role before her suicide a few years later after years of battling emotional problems. Alan Arkin's presence can only be explained as a good luck gesture to his son.

Andy F (it) wrote: Woody Allen's first film to use the template he would repeat for over 40 years. Laugh out loud comedy mixed with wacky jokes (that don't always work), combined with character intricacy (the mother and father) and a taste of what was to come. Entertaining and funny and a sweet appetiser for the future.

Steve B (nl) wrote: Premier film d'Antonioni sur la complexit des amours dans un monde de morale bourgeoise. Les images sont parfois audacieuses pour l'poque et Lucia Bose resplendit dans le rle de Paola.

Katelyn B (us) wrote: Not my favourite "Road" film, but funny nonetheless! The end is the best part, haha. This one is mildly boring, but still entertaining. This was actually my 3rd attempt to make it all the way through the movie without falling asleep. Overall, bravo :)

Kyle D (ca) wrote: Pretty good, but about an hour too long.

Lyn L (kr) wrote: Shitty movie! Alister didn't get what he deserved!!! What is the point of letting audiences watch evils doing evil deeds without being punished? Tough to watch!

David T (jp) wrote: My God this was terrible! It was all about some made up Canadian douche who is never even mentioned in the documentaries and speaking of the douche Josh Hutcherson is a horrible actor! We were hoping to see Escobar's life not some made up character to literally drag the movie along! Del Toro was awesome but everyone else SUCKED!

Fong K (de) wrote: viewed on 24/7/04 (Sat)Once upon a time, movie stars are stars not because they generate buzz and gossip but solely for their great great talent.Singin' In the Rain (1952) stars Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds (that tough-talking mother in THE MOTHER?) and Donald O'Connor. They tap dance and sing and act. The dance sequences alone take my breath away. They so so well-synchronised that it must have gone through hundreds of rehearsals. The actors are so agile!Squatting and can-can dancing! It makes me wonder if Jackie Chan can try a musical like this but then again Gene Kelly can also do stunts. When I was watching the so so famous Singin' In the Rain sequence, I was telling myself this has to be the happiest moment in movie history. I have heard so much about it. A true classic moment and indeed it is. So free-spirited and uplifting. Like a boy playing in the rain.I don't really fancy musicals. Total crap, I think. Where in the hell will people break up into a song and dance in real life? But I think musicals like this one are such a joy to watch. I have to change my view about musicals. I think muscials like this one never fails to entertain and inspire awe. Implausible the story may be but I cannot hate movies whose sole mission is to put a big smile on your face.Rating: B+