Army of Crime

Army of Crime

This gripping historical drama recounts the story of Armenian-born Missak Manouchian, a woodworker and political activist who led an immigrant laborer division of the Parisian Resistance on 30 operations against the Nazis in 1943. The Nazis branded the group an Army of Crime, an anti-immigrant propaganda stunt that backfired as the team's members became martyrs for the Resistance.

The poet Missak Manouchian leads a mixed bag of youngsters and immigrants in a clandestine battle against the Nazi occupation. Twenty-two men and one woman fighting for an ideal and for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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MeLany C (gb) wrote: This movie sucks!!!!!! The beat does not go with their moves and they all can't dance. Waste of space on my harddrive. DELETED!!!!!

John M (us) wrote: it had so much potential. a fun idea is bolstered by a very game and commited cast (except for Ralph Macchio who is TERRIBLE), but is then ruined by an amateurish and poorly laid out story and embarrassing awful special effects. i tend not to get to harsh on films with low budgets if they can work within their own constraints, but this film truly suffers from it. it's laughable. in the end, the only thing clever about this is the title.

Cha M (fr) wrote: Creative. I enjoyed it.

Emily W (au) wrote: This movie is just plain weird... I got bored with it

Ted C (au) wrote: When I saw this as a 9 year old I knew it was shit.

Brandy T (ca) wrote: [size=4]:up: I loved the way the tables were turned during the Civil Rights movement in Louisiana. I love pulling for the underdogs in any movie-with this being a true story, it just makes it even better.[/size]

Erica L (kr) wrote: Decent movie. Low budget, but tells the story.

Macovei F (ru) wrote: Good movie.. the monkey is really funny.

Ash K (fr) wrote: very good although it nearly killed him it shows the love people still have for him

Ann L (mx) wrote: Talky. Thought-provoking. Credible performances evoke sympathy for the people concerned. Originally entitled Coup de Foudre, (lightning strike - a French idiom for Love at First Sight). Up close and personal the film explores the breakup of two marriages. Why this should have to happen in this way can be attributed to any number of reasons or a combination thereof as presented in the film. Ultimately it is left up to the viewer to decide. The story is said to be autobiographical of director Diane Kurys, who also collaborated on the screenplay for this movie. A young Belgian Jewish woman named Lena, displaced by the Nazi invasion in 1940 war-torn Europe, ends up in a French refugee camp where she catches the eye of one of the guards who says that he wants to marry her. Lena accepts the man's proposal, if only to get out of incarceration before the advancing Germans take over the area and deport the camp's occupants out of the country to certain death. As the two are about to take their vows, however, Lena learns that her husband to be, Michel, is also Jewish, putting her in grave danger, but it's too late now to change her mind. The newlyweds decide to travel south to Italy where they manage to survive the rest of the war hiding out. As the result of this shared experience their feelings for one another appear to deepen over time. In the 1950s we see the happy couple comfortably ensconced in Lyons, France, with their two young daughters, where Michel owns a garage and makes a good living for his family servicing vehicles. It is not glamorous work, the hours are long, but it is steady income and enough money for Lena to go around in nice clothes, furs, fine jewelry, take expensive vacations, and have a live-in helper to do the housework, cooking, and child care as needed. At the local grammar school's Christmas Pageant, Lena meets Madeleine, a sculptress whose young son is also a student there in the lower grades. The two women like one another almost immediately, and quickly become drawn into each other's lives. As their relationship deepens, however, their marriages run into more and more serious trouble eventually culminating in divorce for both women. Was this fate, or a coincidence or something else entirely?

Jason P (us) wrote: Story was decent, but what made this film great was the characters- the widow, Christian, Blue Back, the doctor, the handsome soldier... Great family movie, too- comedy, action, drama... Just be aware of 1930's attitudes towards Native Americans, who are pretty much the bad guys.

Alex V (mx) wrote: Dysfunctional but enjoyable

Sam M (mx) wrote: Nothing to rack home about.