Army of One

Army of One

A framed prison escapee unknowingly kidnaps a female cop en-route to a rendezvous with the corrupt cop who put him behind bars.

A framed prison escapee unknowingly kidnaps a female cop en-route to a rendezvous with the corrupt cop who put him behind bars. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Facebook U (ca) wrote: Very well done but the story is strange. Kind of homme Nikita, americano hero, sharp shooting and full of shit. So many unlikely things. I took it as a tv movie with humour, murder, and family times. The french bits were all good.

Keenan S (fr) wrote: I have not watched any Dalmatian-related film in years and I had never seen this film before. Seeing that this was a sequel made by Disney, I didn't expect anything anything particularly good, but I found myself very surprised that I actually liked the film. What really made this film work to me was Glenn Close's performance who seemed to gleefully plunge into madness, though the rest of the cast is also decent. I also really enjoyed the look of the film which was stylish and rather beautiful to look at. Along with solid acting and beautiful set pieces, the film also has plenty of adventure and some fun humor thrown into the mix. I had fun with it and I think that it's underrated.

Chris S (fr) wrote: It's very funny at first but gets a bit weary as you continue watching. Very cheesy, low production movie.

Keegan S (nl) wrote: Almost unwatchable, just like the book is nearly impossible to read. But if you can hold your attention and focus FOCUS, this is a very good comedic story. Well acted for sure. Very satirical. Just dense, which if you know the source material is to be expected.

Marco F (kr) wrote: Dated '80s film with good music and one of the first starring roles for Marisa Tomei. It's only worth watching for her first starring role in films, although she only showed off a miniscule of her amazing talents in this film that she would later showcase in MY COUSIN VINNY and her subsequent work after that. In fact, she was the only actor under the age of 25 in this film who has a career as an actor. The film's heart is in the right place- but it's a bad, ineffective movie- poorly written, not well acted and not well thought-out.

Jay B (jp) wrote: Killing Kennedy doesn't play around with conspiracy theories. It stuffs you full of straightforward storytelling. Sure, it screams soap opera at times and it falls a tiny bit flat when propped up next to Killing Lincoln, but it's still worth your time. Just be prepared for some awkward TV cuts and some rough scenes that give you Rob Lowe instead of JFK.