Arne Dahl: Bad Blood

Arne Dahl: Bad Blood

An American serial killer is on board a plane from New York to Stockholm. Without a proper identification and with great urgency A-group try to locate this passenger before Sweden ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard B (jp) wrote: This has to be the worst film ever, through terrible cgi, shocking acting, hilarious incorrect information such as there's a code for the autopilot no one seems to know to the military personal getting the aircraft wrong. Absolutely shocking, avoid if you can

Blae N (kr) wrote: A Macbeth inspired thriller that meets expectations for modern horror.

Ian M (it) wrote: Sounds hilariously random!

Lia N (es) wrote: I like Stephen n Gillian.

K W (es) wrote: Kind of lame, maybe I was expecting too much but it seemed to fall flat. Skip this one.

Private U (br) wrote: movie sucked thats probably why no ones ever heard of it jim belushi was great john rambo 200 kills lol gotta love it and guy gets a DUI off of one beer just b/c cops a dick Lol and he had to wait in jail forever Lol oh well

Joyce B (mx) wrote: This is really gooodddd!

Dave A (ag) wrote: This is a terrible film. Jon Voight isn't just bad-he's awful! This is everyone's worst, most forgettable work. Voight is trying to be grizzled - and French - in the Amazon. Eric Stolz spends the majority of the film unconscious. This film has that affect. The special effects for the anaconda itself are cheap and look pretty lame. This is a film about a deadly giant snake.

Walter M (it) wrote: [font=Century Gothic]In "Calendar", a photographer(Atom Egoyan) is in Armenia taking photographs of churches for a calendar with the help of his partner(Arsinee Khanjian) who translates for their driver(Ashot Adamyan). The following year, the calendar hangs in the home of the photographer as he has dinner with various women.[/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]Written and directed by Atom Egoyan, "Calendar" is not only about the relics of the distant past, but those of the recent past and the present, also. Egoyan does a much better job here of paying respect to Armenian history than in his misguided "Ararat." [/font]

Stephen D (kr) wrote: I'm giving it 2.5 stars out of nostalgia. Like many kids in the 80's I was too young to see this in the theater, but remembered the commercials. I also remember the poster and video tape cover at the video store as well. As a kid I was dying of curiosity, what the hell was killing people?! (it was rated R and there was no way my parents were going to let me see it) It was during the golden age of slasher films, but how could a Jason get under the sand like that. My 7 year old mind reeled at the possibilities.I eventually saw it on HBO, and was thoroughly into it. I especially thought the monster reveal at the end was amazing (kids are so easily entertained). Seeing it again as an adult, I have to say, it's slow. VERY slow. I would only recommend it to people who love late 70's early 80's horror movies (and that is probably you, if you are on this page reading these reviews.) It's not one of scarier or gorier films of the time, but the acting was decent and it has John Saxon and Burt Young. I'd say it makes for an OK weekend afternoon, or late night diversion.

Gaby G (jp) wrote: not my cup of tea . . ansabe ng 50 shades of gray dito?

Janice G (nl) wrote: Its a pretty cute movie with an batty plot. Great for small children or children at heart!

Adam R (es) wrote: A really stupid parody. Crude and unfunny. (First and only viewing - 1/17/2013 in theaters)

Gary M (jp) wrote: What started of boring turned out to be a pretty good thriller with a nice storyline. Sometimes it pays to stay watching a movie.