Arnolds Park

Arnolds Park

In the eyes of his classmates, Francis Larson is nothing more than an overweight social outcast. After being sent to prison when he's forced to confess to the murder, everyone including his...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:103 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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In the eyes of his classmates, Francis Larson is nothing more than an overweight social outcast. After being sent to prison when he's forced to confess to the murder, everyone including his... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Arnolds Park torrent reviews

Daniele C (es) wrote: Not worthy the film is recorded upon. Why do they keep making this kind of waste? (the half star more is for Salma Hayek, but she should choose more wisely the movies on which to star).

Allison D (us) wrote: lol. Oh Misha. I love you anyway.

Christopher B (fr) wrote: 2013 was a strong year for documentaries and this is one of the most glowing examples of what made it so great...Entertaining and informative all the way!

Brandon L (de) wrote: Entertaining, but it seemed like all the action takes place when the film is already over. It is a fun movie, but Matthews doesn't seem like the realistic underdog or a god among men in his leading role

Tom K (fr) wrote: Pointless and insecure.

Guillaume H (us) wrote: Goes from great to awful 100 times ,every few minutes. Stylish and dark,then campy and stupid, then back to atmospheric and evocative of a vintage that may not have existed before. Terrible acting can also be read as performance art, in a way, where the actors conveys a myth more than a realistic approach to storytellling. Many unfathomably dense actions can be read as symbolic ( or they might just be dumb, you decide). One little trouble ; as much as its bloody gory and juicy, its never for a second actually frightening, not once did i jump, and thats a problem. IIts just stylish 70/80s gore, with blood pouring out unaligned with any of the wounds.Terrific ideas, terrible execution in between. Southern disregard for workers on top and disdain of workers union makes it politically irritating but in this case its irrelevant. The main draw is the fear, pure dumbstruck fear, that makes the caracters so stupid you want to slash them yourself so they can snap out of it. It is said the oeniric qualities absolve this film from making sense, so to this i say; they got Lucky this time. Otherwise, what do these caracters need to understand afer twelve test trials to prove the point; shoot. in.the. Head. This being said : an unfuriating classic, no thanks to the staff, just thanks to time itself.

J K (au) wrote: Other than Reservoir Dogs, my favorite Harvey Keitel role. Even if Stephen Dorff is in it.

Nicole M (ag) wrote: This. Um. Wow. WOW.

Pedro C (ru) wrote: Best bad movie ever!!!If you keep in mind that it is supposed to be a stupid movie, you'll enjoy it a lot. :)

Kingsley Z (gb) wrote: Dirty Dozen meets parts of the Deer Hunter meets Sammo Hung. Sammo Hung teams up again with Yuen Biao and a bunch of Chinese criminals to blow up a huge ammunition dump in Vietnam. Lots of action and a high bodycount. Sammo holds out til the end to kick the shit out of the villain Yuen Wah and kill the entire VC army.

Brett S (nl) wrote: THE cheesiest action movie ever! But flying dirt bikes with rocket launchers and machine guns! AND dune buggies with lasers! Cool!

Movie K (br) wrote: Almost equally match with part 1. More blood and action for this one. Narrated by the feral kid grown up. Mel Gibson saw a few thugs led by Vernon Wells chasing after a few people and he tag behind to get the fuel. Vernon vow revenge when Mel killed a crew of his. Mel fall into a trap set by Bruce Spence but he overcome him. Holding Bruce hostage, they observe the baddies camp. Some innocent people are killed by them and Mel saved one back to his camp which ls led by Mike Preston. The group don't trust Mel and cuff him. The baddies arrived with the hostages and want to make peace. The feral kid throw a killer boomerang and kill Vernon favorite sidekick? and he has to be subdue by the leader Kjell Nilsson before they leave. Most of the camp think they should heed the baddies advice. Mel said he saw a tanker and could get it to store their fuel. Mel manage to get it and in exchange he get back his car and fuel. The feral kid want to follow him but Mel chase him off. After driving out to the land, Vernon and gang chase after him and easily crash his car. A minion want to steal his fuel and set off the booby trap bomb. Bruce save him back to camp. This time round Mel agree to drive the tanker. As predicted the baddies go all out to chase it. Mel head on and kill the leader and Vernon. The tanker turns over but leak sands. The petrol are all loaded up in another escape bus.

Simon D (nl) wrote: This documentary is a collection of short articles about bizarre practices that take place across the world. Some are interesting, some have since become common knowledge since this film was made, and, of course, some are smattered with animal cruelty which used to sell horror films in this era, a common gimmick used particularly by Italians. So, while this probably is worth a watch (particularly for the German beer drinking section) you do have to turn away for some scenes and try to ignore the quite racist narration.

Bradley K (mx) wrote: Adequately entertaining. Christopher Lee's creepy Dracula is the only really interesting aspect of this film.

Patrick Y (mx) wrote: Montgomery Clift lifts this sometimes beautiful movie above inane court drama. You want people to say things and they won't say them. The romance isn't as on point as Hitchcock's previous efforts but this tale is still one ripe with very powerful drama.


Patrick R (ru) wrote: Fun! Grew up wathcing this movie!

Blackoreo N (br) wrote: its soo soo soo good

Steve S (mx) wrote: How is it possible for a movie to be bad and "good" at the same time? Mr. Majestyk is bad -most of the scenarios are utterly unrealistic; impossible in real life. The mob, the police, just don't work the way that they do in this movie. On the other hand, Mr. Majestyk is good. Despite many flaws, Mr. Majestyk is well enough made and has interestingly portrayed stock characters with lots of action, and you want to keep watching to see what happens. The climax wasn't too incredible to believe. It works.. I dare say it could have been even more intricate and would have only been more effective. In the end, Charles Bronson is just plain fun to watch. Yes, it's true. Guys love Charles Bronson, and even this unrealistic movie is still tons o' fun.