Around The Block

Around The Block

A young Aboriginal boy is torn between his unexpected love of acting and the disintegration of his family.

American teacher in High School hopes to inspire him by launching a version of "Hamlet" with a predominantly Aboriginal cast. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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peter s (de) wrote: Have to say this was a poor plot, though I agree with the other reviewers that Dorff's acting was great. Given that this character has supposedly had some training and his current position and responsibility would grant him a level of intelligence and quick thinking associated with someone tasked with an important aspect of the president's protection, yet we have two key failures - the first being that this guy has apparently run up a gambling debt to the extent that his being kidnapped after travelling to New York without any recollection is the most plausible explanation he can think of - if someone in his position got into that sort of debt (or any gambling debt) would you trust him with crucial information about the president in the event of a terrorist attack? As the near ending "twist" would have us believe, not only are the CIA (and more specifically, the very people tasked with the protection of the president) indicating they are very much aware of this gambling debt; but they have decided to give him a promotion anyway because, hey, gambling is only an addiction, I'm sure that won't be a problem. If the guy had any sense he would have said, "seriously, you're offering me a promotion, a self-confessed gambler who didn't think it surprising to be kidnapped for his debt?" The other key failure has to be the whole intelligence of a man being held hostage to reveal information about where the president will be taken in the event of a terrorist attack that would potentially put him in danger. He knows that they will be using his wife, the Henry, and Henry's family in an attempt to sway him to their side. At one point he has a mobile phone, from which he can call anyone, including 911. At this point, no terrorist attacks have taken place - the bombs don't go off until the driver has returned to the car. The most sensible course of action is to tell the 911 operator "Call the CIA / Secret Service / ETC, and tell them that the president's life is in danger, there is an imminent terrorist threat in Washington DC. They want the location of roulette" - given that there are numerous bunkers, and somehow this guy along with a bunch of other people in the know are aware of which one they'll go to on any particular day; all the secret service have to do is pick a different bunker at random. Of course, if the 911 operator is actually a fake, this won't reach the secret service etc. But then if the terrorists still make any sort of notion of wanting to know anyway, you know instantly that the 911 operator is fake, which in turn reveals the whole thing to be fake (he only got the phone because the terrorist was "shot" by the police) The whole idea that it was a training exercise was full of holes; he was "shot" by a piece of glass/plastic from the casing (even if you planned the bullet trajectory, you couldn't plan what it would do when hitting the casing, or that a chip would hit him in the leg - they wouldn't have known about this injury until he spoke to the "911 operator". Henry's family (or fake family) are either sided with the terrorists (starting the kid at a very young age) or they're in for a surprise one way or another; and the extra twist made no sense, he only revealed the location because he saw the washington monument (really, if you're going to hide the president in a *safe* bunker; somewhere that isn't a potential target for a terrorist attack would be one of the main criteria - lets choose somewhere that doesn't have a big needle pointing to it) - just how were they planning to get him to reveal the information en-route to the hospital anyway? (I passed out for half an hour and we're still nowhere near a hospital... you broke my nose, almost killed me with bee my bee sting allergy, shot at me and we're apparently over half an hour away from the hospital - there's a hospital 1.1 miles away from the Washington monument (someone tasked with knowledge pertaining to the president's safety surely knows this) - they're driving away from the monument (its in the back window) and it looks further than a mile away so something's wrong already. This movie requires a suspension of disbelief - sure I get that, but it steps over the line when it expects a suspension of character belief - the guy is a gambler who has run up a significant debt and also works for the secret service, one of a few trusted individuals tasked with knowledge necessary to protect the president (why does he even know - why does he need to know what bunker the president will be taken to when he's on his day off - whatever happened to "need to know basis"?) yet we see no evidence of either his gambling nature (only one throw away comment to henry about not playing a real man's game) or his secret service background. He could have just as easily been "bob from the box making factory" and the character traits wouldn't be any different. The call to the radio station makes no sense - the radio presenter isn't going to get any information from him about roulette, it only serves as a subtle dig at Jeremy as he fails to see that he is also playing into the terrorist's hands. Let us not also forget the planning involved - his wife of however many years has been turned into a terrorist (or perhaps she was a terrorist before they married) - how do you not notice that? They get all this information about roulette, except the actual details of who will be where. The level of involvement they have (if we ignore the fake role that Ben has, then he's still in charge of recruitment, and important enough that Jeremy considers him the emergency contact in the event of an unexpected kidnapping that threatens the president) means that they not only have the wife of someone near the president; his friend and colleague in the secret service, and who knows who else involved in the terrorist plot, but with someone in charge of recruitment, they can easily get moles into the secret service as well. What stupid plan is "force the president to go into a fortified, protected bunker; get the location of that bunker, and then attack it" - if the primary defense of the bunker is the secrecy of its location, its a rather useless defense - wow, we know where the president will be after a terrorist attack... hang on, you know where the president will be before a terrorist attack, surely you would want to plan an attack that involves the president somewhere nice and open, not in a bunker that is, among other things, nearly completely secret - great we know the location now, its under the Washington monument... ok where's the entrance, what defenses are in place, what pass codes, are there security cameras, where are the exits..etc, if they have the sort of ordinance required to take on a bunker, why not just take out the president in the initial attack? The whole movie just falls apart when you pick at the loose threads. It could have held up if they put a bit more effort into the plot.

Bradley W (br) wrote: Slow and without heart.

Lennon W (us) wrote: It was pretty good...but there were definate peaks and valleys and spots that could have been connected better...but liked it in the end for sure^^

Damjan v (kr) wrote: not the most original story ever, but dat adrenaline rush

Bo B (jp) wrote: I think they could've found a better actor besides ice-t. Like Ice cube for example

Mireille B (au) wrote: I didn't like it as much as I enjoyed Underground, but it was greatly written, acted and directed nonetheless. I just wish it would have been a bit more sarcastic than tragic.

Kevin M (es) wrote: as a father that would do exactly what bacon did and worse...I enjoyed it. that being said, there is not a lot of twists, plot development, or originality...and it won't change your life, but def give it a watch.

Mohamed E (us) wrote: An American Rashomon Story