Arresto domiciliario

Arresto domiciliario


Because of a millionaire fraud, a man is condemned to house arrest, and the only place where he can serve sentence is his mother’s house, affected with Alzheimer disease. The arrival of the man disrupts the life of the people who live with the elder woman. With turns of the screw, the story feels dramatic, but it also contains certain amount of irony. It talks about human and family relations with a total absence of violence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Asa B (au) wrote: A touch too artistic but there's no denying the knowledge and eye Mark Cousins has for world cinema, this time from knee-level!

Jon D (es) wrote: i thought the first film was brilliant for what it was, i cant wait till the second,

Jessica D (kr) wrote: Laughed so hard I cried.

David D (ca) wrote: Blue Gold is a thousand times better than its counter part Flow. If you have to make a choice watch Blue Gold. Not happy with the droning on. The pacing of this documentary was terrible. Headlines - A topic of major interest to me, puts me to sleep. Watch Blue Gold and check out my review of that doc.

Kenneth O (fr) wrote: I am sure what to think about the ending of this movie. The rest of it is a great film about people willing sacrifice humanity in the name of vengeance

Scott M (ru) wrote: Fantastic movie. Kevin Spacey should have been nominated for an Oscar for his performance.

David R (jp) wrote: Music, scenery, girls getting out of bathtubs, and a gaggle of feminine men... what could go wrong? Mmmmm... maybe the lack of a narrative pace? The total absence of transitions between events? I give it a couple points for the giraffe, and I do thank the filmmakers and talent for their efforts, but in the end this film was just badly assembled.

Roy S (ag) wrote: Apart from being a 1980 artifact and containing Dorothy Stratton, it is really useless.

Mickey M (es) wrote: Centuries ago, the African prince "Mamuwalde" (William Marshall) was bitten by the king of the vampires "Dracula" (Charles Macaulay, who is seen in flashback footage from the first movie). Now, thanks to a voodoo spell, the African vampire returns to 1970's Los Angeles to claim more victims and slaves who are doomed to serve him for eternity. "Blacula," a bigoted name given to him by "Dracula" in the first movie in this short series of blaxploitation movies, comes across a Voodoo princess (Pam Grier), whom he believes can free him from his curse by performing a Voodoo ceremony. However, the Voodoo princess, who is named "Lisa," is dating an African art dealer and ex-cop (Don Mitchell) who quickly realizes that the mysterious man with a very memorable voice is, in fact, a member of the undead. He tries to convince a local police investigator "Dunlop" (Michael Conrad) that "Lisa" was not the one who murdered a party-goer at a party he was hosting at his home, but it was a vampire. It takes a few more victims with the same two marks on their necks before "Dunlop" believes that the bodies that are piling up are victims of a vampire. There are some unique visuals in this movie when it comes to the unique makeup for the vampires. The undead in this movie are the only ones I know of depicted in a movie which gains hair on their face and hair before they attack their victims. Also, for some reason, the vampire's faces are the only parts that turn gray. There is also little blood in this movie. However, that may have been because of when the movie was released. The performances from the cast is quite good. However, Marshall's talent is the least used in this film. Although his performance is memorable, he isn't in the film that much despite being the title character. There are some plot holes in this movie, but they don't take away from the story too bad. Despite the plot holes, and the overuse of dated slang, Scream, Blacula, Scream might be a good addition to your video/DVD library or a pretty good first-choice rental.

Patrick W (au) wrote: Only movie made with the cast of the old, campy Batman show from the 1960s. Highlight of the movie? Maybe the foam shark hanging off of Batman's leg that he gets rid of with handy "Shark Repellent" aerosol can. The camp is definitely there as it was in the TV show and the film is great with not taking itself too seriously.

Luc A (fr) wrote: Beautifully constructed Western by John Ford but lacking the emotional punch of a later film such as "The Searchers"... L

Burt M (fr) wrote: Okay melodrama with Tyrone Power and Alice Faye. Liked the story although it took forever to get going, spirited performances from the cast, and the special effects were utterly terrific and dazzling. Love Faye but the songs were garbage, the story was weak and I really didn't care about the plot because really who cares about that sort of thing in what's supposedly a effects driven disaster film. Recommended if you're a fan of the leads but otherwise don't waste your time.