Step into our world, as we bring you a raw look at the talents of the next wave of riders and photographers. Come face to face with our diverse styles as we take on new lines and new places. ARRIVAL is all about what is happening now. Bringing viewers into the reality of a new generation of freeriders and racers.

When a mysterious object falls from the sky, the lives of two brothers will be changed forever. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Arrival torrent reviews

Nicolas T (ru) wrote: great documentary about the broken health care system and prescription drug abuses...

Lars M (gb) wrote: So freaking clever, gorgeous to look at and Hoffman is magnificent as the wreck of a spy Gunter. I just love the whole spyworld without all the polished shit you find in Bond and MI5 - It's a shit job, that tears at your soul, but you keep doing it 'cause you are compelled. This is a heavy viewing, but satisfying and one that stays with you.

007 W (nl) wrote: The most bland and badly boring movie I have ever seen yet so boring but the only good part is the ending this is the only thing I was supposed to see for hulk is to fight

Sing Chie T (ag) wrote: Nice title with a so so everything

Audrey A (au) wrote: This film is so funny. Watch it and see...

Som P (br) wrote: it was exciting to know who the real murderers would be. And it turned out the exact opposite.

WS W (gb) wrote: The gifted sweatshirt from local distributor is still with me. Honestly, it was a film 'solely starring' Hugh Grant rather than 'co-starring' Julianne Moore, who was still an nobody (to me, at least) back then. As for the film itself, well, regular '90s' rom-com style.

Ricardo A (kr) wrote: Despite a slow beginning, Prince of Darkness is a stylish, creative and creepy horror movie carried by a great atmosphere.

Mark H (br) wrote: one of those rare films that transport you to a time and a place, and can hold you there in full spirit until the films end. It starts rather slow but escalates at a very steady pace. well worth the watch.

Stefan G (gb) wrote: To be completely honest, it's actually pretty good, and I say this mainly because it's quite clever compared to other films of its kind, though the main problem is that you only see the demon twice, and it just seems to keep you waiting. Of course, I think it's because the poster made me think that the demon would appear more than twice. To be fair, the actual story is quite clever, but the pacing is a rather serious problem. Given that it was made in the 50's, you'll probably see this film in black and white, and sometimes, that makes things hard to see. I must admit, however, that the performances were quite enjoyable, and the characters were fairly interesting. Besides, even though you only see the demon twice, the parts where you do are awesome. While it is flawed, I'd still take a good look at it. After all, it wasn't completely bad.

Jim H (nl) wrote: A doctor treats and loves a pregnant woman amid scandals about the morality of his past.Predictable but charming, Joseph L. Mankiewicz once again proves why he's one of my favorite classic directors. His stories are tightly constructed, and the performances by his actors are always fun but with a kind of depth that many directors of his time weren't able to manage. Cary Grant, the great gentleman of classic film, is alternatively charming and petulant, able to convey a strength of character that is absent in present-day movie stars.I would have liked the film to be more morally ambiguous. The entire question of the film is whether or not Grant's character harbor some deep, black secret (as though one could be such a question on Grant), and by the time we realize he's as pure as he purports to be, it's like we been shown a box that contains a treasure, but once the box is opened, we discover it's only a scrap of paper reading, "Fooled you."Overall, I enjoyed People Will Talk, but the compelling story is not flawless.

Zack P (fr) wrote: Slightly better than "Make Mine Music", this film brings us a lot of nice segments like Johnny Appleseed, Little Toot, and Pecos Bill.

Rangan R (fr) wrote: The two half-brothers and the art heist.I like heist movies, once they were making great ones, but not anymore. I have heard about this, though haven't seen it till now. Seems it's a decent film, but came at the wrong time of the history. You know, the same film 15-20 years ago would have made a better impact among people, as well as commercially. Nowadays, the youngsters want only superhero action-sci-fi films. That should not be the reason for a film's failure. Instead, they should have improved it in lots of areas. But still I liked a few things from it, like the information about mixing the real art with the fake ones, but still it remains as the real.The film is about two half-brothers. They are the art thieves and they have done many jobs together, but in their final one, one of them betrays. So the rest of the narration sets in a few years later when they join hands for another big art heist sidelining their differences. They form a big team and this time they are watchful over each other. Now comes the final act where the actual event takes place and with a twist the story comes to an end.An enjoyable film, little funny and had some good moments, But overall film was predictable, including the twist. Could be the director's best film so far. Kurt Russell was just okay, but expected a lot. The rest of the cast in this multi-starrer, does not look good, though contributed. Maybe the film characters were weaker than the story. They should have focused more on them to progress it, so it would have achieved the success they were looking for than what a few people praising it. I think it's okay for a watch with the low expectation.6/10