An interstellar Jekyll and Hyde, ALIEN ARRIVAL tells a tale of survival set amongst the distant stars. Kye is a prisoner of war caught between two armies, neither of whose ideology he believes in. When offered an opportunity for freedom, Kye sets out on one last rescue mission only to become stranded when his ship crash lands. Kye soon realizes that the deadliest creature on the desert moon is himself.

The movie tells the story of Kyle, a space mercenary who is stranded on a desolate moon with a small talking robot. Kye has to learn to survive and soon discovers the deadliest creature on the seemingly planet is himself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John M (ag) wrote: Even though nowadays it doesn't seem like a huge deal that this story happened, I think 6 years ago when it came out, it was an introduction to these types of people and the loneliness and isolation new social media was causing. What's great about this film is not only how much truth and reality was unraveled here, but the way the filmmakers just dived deep into it, letting the story kind of take control of their lives for the sake of the film.

Blake B (us) wrote: Beginners is a sweet, lovable story. Although the slow-pace and having the film jump around from time to time may not be for some, the film succeeds with a beautiful, top notch performance by Christopher Plummer.

Jay B (es) wrote: Mostly dull with several scenes that solicit uncomfortable or confused laughter. The high point? I've never found Natalie Portman as sexy as she was in this flick. Mmmm. Your Highness is one 90 minute dick joke... which would be acceptable if it were a funny one.

David S (br) wrote: Throughout the entire last decade, healthcare seemed to be a major topic of discussion and criticism. Whether it be worldwide or stateside, nobody seems to be satisfied with the medical industry and, quite frankly, the less than satisfactory assessment is wholly justified. "The Death of Mr. Lazarescu" is a film about a man named Lazarescu Dante Remus, who's name I couldn't help but say repeatedly after watching. It takes place entirely in one night as the audience progressively watches illness overtake this individual and follow him through the obstacles of receiving medical attention. As the films goes on, you clearly start to see that the film is less about the man and more about demonizing the healthcare industry in Romania. This is yet another picture that has been added onto the list of critically successful films emerging from Romania in recent years. The style still hasn't been accepted by the masses here in the US which is a shame. The acting here is top notch while the entire time you feel like you're on a ride along with the EMS crew. As good as it is, I still don't feel that this is for everyone and the 2 1/2 hour runtime might have been pushing it a little bit, but I'd certainly recommend looking into it. I know I mentioned it before but, the only other warning I have is that you're gonna be repeating the main characters name for quite awhile afterward. It's just fun to say, give it a try, Lazarescu Dante Remus...

Ian W (au) wrote: Definitely one of the best war films I have ever seen and it puts some of Hollywood's efforts to shame. Harrowing, often brutal but with a deep undercurrent of human love for family during times of war. This has to be seen.

Bill B (ru) wrote: I remain stuck in the '70s this year, as at least a full quarter of my viewing has come from that decade, from classics to trash cinema, I certainly seem to be filling in a lot of gaps in my film knowledge.Eastwood and Bridges are a fun pair, especially once they determine to pull a heist with Eastwood's old gang, though they are the type of thieves that're forced to hold down day jobs to bankroll this latest caper.Recommended and very much of the time, in which you can be your own man, but only so far, because 'the man' or someone like him will put you back in line, or put you down altogether.

Johnny R (gb) wrote: I absolutely love this 3 stories really loved it. and a lot of good cameos