Arsenal Season Review 2009/2010

Arsenal Season Review 2009/2010


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Arsenal Season Review 2009/2010 torrent reviews

St A (gb) wrote: Not as good as "...vs Crocosaurus" but way better than "...vs Giant Octopus".....hey, it's a Mega Shark film from The Asylum, so it does what it says on the tin, and can be fun once expectations are lowered (along with sobriety level).

Dunia S (us) wrote: ?? ???? ????? ?????? ???? ?????..#? #???_?_

Phillip B (it) wrote: This is a remarkably interesting for a movie i never heard of till now. based on real im thirsty any up for some milk?! BWAH HHAHAHAHAH....DOH I GOT MILK ON MY SHIRT!!!! White on white, not so bad....well it could be worse. IF U HAVE EVER WATCHED A VAMPIRE MOVIE AND LIKED IT...U WONT BE DISSAPOINTED BY THIS ONE.

Ross W (fr) wrote: It's safe to assume you've probably never seen anything quite like Wisconsin Death Trip. That is to say, it's very original. However, originality in and of itself does not equal quality, and Wisconsin Death Trip mostly succeeds but occasionally lacks effectiveness in its quasi-documentary narrative. Briefly, Wisconsin Death Trip is a documentary-style film about some strange, disturbing events that took place in a small Wisconsin town called Black River Falls between 1890-1900. Shot in black and white, the photography is brilliant. It's very atmospheric, very vivid. I loved the music in this film. So to view some brilliant shots accompanied by beautiful string music was a treat. Here's the thing. Wisconsin Death Trip is based on a book written in 1973. The book came from a series of photographs and newspaper clippings from Black River Falls between 1890 and 1900. Strange things took place in this small town like murder, suicides, people going crazy, arson, all kinds of shit. However, there's no plot. I just told you it. The film is told in little snippets of events accompanied by some photographs and scenes of actors portraying the brief story being told. So I don't know. It's hard to become invested in any of the characters because their stories are so brief and there's so many of them. It's still fun and interesting to watch. I liked that there were occasional glimpses of modern day Black River Falls shot in color. The juxtaposition is almost necessary. I liked this film, but I think it sounds more interesting than it is.

Helen H (us) wrote: Not as funny as i was hoping

Johnny B (fr) wrote: This is not your usual Takashi Miike movie, aside from the always awesome cinematography. But, in my opinion, it's one of his finest works. It's a low-key, serious movie, and I thought it was brilliant. The story was almost like something Haruki Murakami might right.

Jim L (fr) wrote: 'Metropolitan' is a very well done independent film by one of the best directors of our time. Whit Stillman has brought us some amazing films and Metropolitan is up there with the top.

Nick B (mx) wrote: It's an alright dramatization. I'm obsessed with this topic and I wasn't as disappointed as I thought I'd be. The romance wasn't necessary, but doesn't get in the way of the story nearly as much as it did in, "Pearl Harbor." Additionally, I appreciated the fact that the movie didn't find it necessary to get too graphic during the Trinity test.

Dotsy M (ca) wrote: Best kiss in film history!

Austin p (kr) wrote: One of the most controversial films ever A masterpiece . One of the greatest films ever

Demetre R (es) wrote: 6.5. Ok rental. Kind of a pointless plot. Lots of despair in the lives of two lie class brothers.

Jorge Eduardo S (fr) wrote: D-. Ironclad is a tiny, with a low budget, maybe because of that fact is not a very good movie, but it compesates it with boring characters that not even lets them develop, but also a script that.....

Andrew M (es) wrote: Megamind is hilarious and adventurous. This movie has the amazing voice talents of some special actors and actresses. This movie and plot is great. I would very much suggest this movie.