Art & Copy

Art & Copy

Art & Copy reveals the stories behind and the personal odysseys of some of the most influential advertising visionaries of our time and their campaigns.

ART & COPY is a powerful new film about advertising and inspiration. Directed by Doug Pray (SURFWISE, SCRATCH, HYPE!), it reveals the work and wisdom of some of the most influential ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Art & Copy torrent reviews

Andre R (de) wrote: Beautifully made, highly emotional. Let out a tear or two.

Anna C (br) wrote: A story about a family feud in a low budget movie, with an almost unknown cast, all set in the woods: it keeps you up till the end, not bad.

Nancy P (de) wrote: llhlhlhllblkgvlvbhgg87hh136655++++lgb,b,kjfkvgflfvkfmfjk

Chris V (es) wrote: A nice, fun little movie.

Arthur R (mx) wrote: Warm, witty and genuinely funny. The characters are crazy but utterly believable and while the story has aspects of cliche, the clash of cultures and a bunch of good performances overcome it thoroughly.Resonant Line: "Aunt Voula: What do you mean he don't eat no meat? Oh, that's okay. I make lamb."

Jerod B (jp) wrote: Great movie with great actors!

Richard A (us) wrote: it's all in the reflexes

Tristan M (gb) wrote: good...but not as outrageous as the others...but still got some great one liners :) "The darkness of the night will hide you"...classic!

Stevie M (kr) wrote: Rush Hour puts two polar opposites in the leads and watching them bicker is priceless. Funny and then some.