Art of Revenge

Art of Revenge

After Matt Kane leaves his wife Lara after seven years of marriage for the single, fast life that he wanted all his life after getting a promotion at work, she plots revenge against him by hiring an female ex-con and grifter, named Tuesday, to romance and bring him down in a series of encounters and plots while loyalties begin to be tested as to who is plotting against who.

A woman plots revenge against her ex-husband by hiring a grifter to seduce and emotionaly destroy him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alison J (es) wrote: fresh and raw. the camera itself is breathing, visceral.

nolan w (gb) wrote: Necklacing tribalistic murderess.It's incredible this got made. An insult to her husband.

John T (gb) wrote: Gay mumble-core. Not all together bad, but a little boring at parts. I did like the music. Especially when the one guy sang. And I think they just added the person getting AIDS in order to have someone feel something for this movie.

Calvin L (es) wrote: Here's the basic premise:Romeo Dallaire was the Force Commander of the UN peacekeeping force during the Rwandan genocide, who unsuccessfully attempted to get international aid and more troops into Rwanda to end the massacres. In this film, he revisits Rwanda over 10 years after, and is filmed on hi... filmed on his trip. Dallaire goes through the horrors he saw, while also coming to terms to what happened there. The documentary is shot in typical low-budget documentary style. The subject himself is very interesting, but the film lacks a certain...progression. The film follows Dallaire around to various locales and listening to him as he discusses what he saw / what happened. Along the way, he talks about the inner demons he faced and the frustrations of witnessing an international community that failed to help. However, although Dallaire has interesting things to say, and is very personable, he lacks the storytelling skills (and the documentarian lacks the budget) to properly illustrate the weight of the horrors he witnessed there properly. The film doesn't tell a cohesive story either - it lumbers from one event or one point to another, without any clear sense of chronology. Regardless, this film (and Hotel Rwanda) have successfully made me actually start caring about the Darfur genocide, which is commendable. RANDOM NOTE: Romeo Dallaire is Old Snake.

Emma N (de) wrote: It's crazy, but if that's your cup of tea...

Byron S (gb) wrote: Not as good as Predator, but still quite enjoyable.I enjoyed the characters and the story builds on what makes the Predator an interesting antagonist.

Sean D (es) wrote: Easily. Easily. Easily. The most underrated '80s horror franchise. And it's fucking bullshit because it's better than a lot of the others.

bill s (de) wrote: DeNiro CAN DO COMEDY.....this just isn't fair to other actors

Simon R (ag) wrote: Favourite film of all time, bloody amazing

Nathan S (nl) wrote: i can't believe i'm typing this... US4 is worth watching. the movie itself is crap, but the violence driven gore is unrelenting. if anything, netflix it & watch the fights... and expect to see more of Scott Adkins.