Art of Seduction

Art of Seduction

Min-jun and Ji-won are first-rate "players" who are used to getting their way in the field of love and sex, until they run into each other. Let the games begin.

(Korean with English subtitles) In this hit Romantic Comedy, with the emphasis on comedy, Min-jun and Ji-won are first-rate "players" who are used to getting their way in the field of love ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Devilish G (gb) wrote: A waste of time and money, whether to the production company or the audience...

Movie K (us) wrote: Average old west movie. Too bad Megan Fox didn't get much sexy screen time. Josh Brolin is a civil war soldier, caught by John Malkovich. He burn his family in front of him because Josh killed his son. He also scarred Josh face. He was nearly dead when the Indians save him. Now Josh is bestow a power to talk to the dead. He hunt John down but he die in a fire. Josh become a bounty hunter to unleash his vengeance heart. He apprehended 4 criminals but the sheriff refuse to pay and intend to kill him as well. Josh kills them all back and only get his bounty, returning the rest. Michael Fassbender and his gang blow up a train with dozens of soldiers. John had faked his own death and all the years of striking innocent facilities, he has strike fear to the people who may likely topple the government who fail to protect them. A lieutenant Will Arnett is task to find Josh in order to defeat John. Megan Fox is a prostitute who is close to Josh. The army found him and mention the name of John to him, he decide to follow the army back. Will is not in favor to find Josh for help. He talk to a dead henchman of John by touching him. He extract the info that Tom Wopat is the ex-Colonel baddie recruiting him and head for that direction. Wes Bentley is the traitor that tells John the army secret shipment routes. The baddies rob a chest full of some orange balls which is a deadly weapon detonator. Josh found Tom but can't get any info and kills him and his men. He go find the grave of his dead friend and son of John to ask where to find him. Back then John is the commanding officer who task them to burn a hospital. Josh refuse and force to kill the friend when he draw the gun at him. Megan kills the army colonel who lust after her and even bought her. John is actually building a killer weapon which a man from US army is planning to but the project stop due to its capability. Michael shot Josh but he still manage to escape despite the injury. John attack one small town all civilians to test out the weapon and it is deadly. Michael capture Megan to lure Josh. The native Indians save Josh and he is revived. He send a telegram to Will about the weapon. John kill Wes after he is done making use of his services. Michael fight Josh before he can board the weapon ship. Josh kills him by putting his head to the turbine. He touch him to revive and give him a punch, turning into dust. Josh take aim at John but he notice it and use Megan as hostage. The ship is approaching the target area. Megan freed herself from the handcuff. Will command a boat to stop them but John is fearless. They launch the weapon their boat is bomb to bits. Josh and John face off. The baddie launch the bomb to the cities. Megan drop the axe and Josh take it to win back John. He stuck his head to the mechanism and the detonator drop and bomb the whole ship. Josh and Megan jump off in time. The president give Josh the reward and full pardon but Josh reject his job offer as sheriff.

Tim M (de) wrote: Home movie tripe with the guy from Chop.

Marshall M (mx) wrote: I was suprised honestly at how scary it was... but overall a really good movies! some parts looked a little fake but im sure it wasnt like a big production or anything so 9/10

Leo K (ca) wrote: A very deep and profound look into the social issues plaguing brazilian society and culture. This is a documentary, and covers the reckless mistreatment of the poor, and the prisoners in brazil. It culminates into a hostage crisis that sees no happy ending. A++

Brandon F (ru) wrote: Looks like Jarome Iginla

Christina T (au) wrote: I love this movie I can see it all the time

Justin B (es) wrote: I actually think there might be a mirror world... on the other side of the sun... yeah...

Julie M (gb) wrote: My favorite is "Carry on screaming"one,two three..."Frying tonight"lol.

Darren O (kr) wrote: A twilight zone episode at best? Felt like an extended short film. Needed a lot more.

Marlene M (kr) wrote: An interesting sci-fi mystery film which depicts a strange story with intriguing elements in music, narrative and characters who unfold delicately. It boosts with originality and ends inducing a shivering sensation then leading to puzzlement.

Jesus H (it) wrote: Good movie. Mark Rylance was great. So was Hanks. Good story, and a very lucky man too