Arthur is the most quotable drunk millionaire that is likely to ever steal your heart. Dudley Moore portrays Arthur, a thirty year old child who will inherit 750 million dollars if he complies with his family's demands and marries the woman of their choosing.

The movie follows Arthur, a sweet, somewhat pathetic character whose millions have left him lonely and with no motivation in life. Arthur is on the brink of an arranged marriage to a wealthy heiress, but ends up falling for a common working-class girl. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Arthur torrent reviews

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Deepak M (jp) wrote: After a wonderfully promising start, the plot started wobbling with the introduction of the Chandramukhi character and barely recovered towards the end. It felt as though Anurag Kashyap directed the beginning and the end, and left the direction of the middle scenes to someone else. An overdose of style couldn't save the movie.

Rick M (ru) wrote: Ex military/cop takes on a drug-lord in order to protect his wife who's a key witness. Too predictible for me.

Chi T (es) wrote: it all fit why suddley the monk have a white horse..

Dalya S (us) wrote: I would like to see this movie without typing in my email and password

Nathan W (it) wrote: Watched this back in 2001. Decided to re-visit it last night. I'm not saying this movie is great (in many ways, it's pathetic), but out of all the shitstorms Van Damme has been in, this one tops them all as his finest (in terms of his limited acting skills).

Stephen I (it) wrote: Filled with the classic spy action that started this franchise, the first installment is an entertaining movie despite its overabundance of twists and turns. Full Review: Mission Impossible is certainly hard to keep up with. Most people only remember that Tom Cruise had to run and hang and get a device, and the rest of the plot fell through the cracks of the rapid pacing. But the reason why this movie started a massive franchise is its classic moments and the way it has plenty of fun with the spy genre. Everyone remembers Tom Cruise hanging from a wire, the shocking twist, and the huge action and suspense. Mission Impossible showed how much fun a spy flick can be, even at the cost of a sturdier script.

Alex K (de) wrote: My Favorite Science Fiction Film Is 1968's 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Paul B (us) wrote: By the time this one came out it was the Phillip Rhee show...Produced, Directed, Written & Starring...Not as good as the first two, but still a decent matrial arts movie. Seeing fouy guys get their asses kicked by a man in Clown shoes is probably one of the highlights of this film. This should have been the last film in the series...

Owen D (gb) wrote: Less Project more metalbeast! it was boring, alot of talking. Needed more metal werewolf killing people.

Corey n (au) wrote: This is a good "what if" the Nazi empire never fell and were still around today as rulers of Germany and most of Europe. The film stars Rutger Hauer who is a SS police officer who ends up working with a American journalist to uncover the war crimes of the Nazi death camps during the war. This is a solid entertaining movie. Hauer is quite good in the lead role. I am always a sucker for these type of "what if" movies. Well worth a watch.