Arthur 2: On the Rocks

Arthur 2: On the Rocks

Arthur (Dudley Moore), that irrepressible drunk, tries to sober up -- and get a job -- in this sequel to the 1981 smash hit. Meanwhile, the father of the girl Arthur stood up at the altar in the first film is conniving to trick the hapless boozer into marrying his daughter so he can gain entrée to Arthur's $750 million fortune.

Arthur loses all his money, and his wife wants a baby. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Abel G (br) wrote: This is single-handedly the funniest and most insane film I've seen this year.

Jocey D (au) wrote: I'm loved it! I watched it in original Parisian French version but must admit English subtitles were appreciated. The connection between Driss and Philippe is heartwarming. They're lucky to have found each other. They each offer the other what is most needed. They help and save each other. They grow together.

Joel J (gb) wrote: The main problem I see in this Movie is the lack of actual audience O.o Its to violent for Kids but not suited for adults either. It moves somewhere between too childish and not childish enough. While u have murder and genocide u also have emotionless characters and childish humor.Not a good movie but somehow I kind of enjoyed it after all...

Theresa S (mx) wrote: This was a wonderful visit back home.Emmy Rossum's voice was haunting. Pat Carrol was like seeing my Gramma again. Solid cast and music that's in my DNA. Only complaint is it's a bit stereo-typic. The one guy that was educated was a sleeze?

Erin C (de) wrote: It's terrible how disgusting and horrible some people are. To suffer unnecessarily all those years because someone you loved had poisoned's just unimaginable. John Ritter is not one of my favorite actors, but he was very fitting for this role.

Jayden (au) wrote: looks like meet the robisons but ill give it ago

Jenna I (au) wrote: Disappointing. Mostly for the awful songs that do nothing to enhance the story, flat acting all around and glacial pace. I had high hopes!

David G (br) wrote: James Coburn returns as megaspy, gentleman and all around genius Derek Flint in this daft follow-up to camp James Bond spoof Our Man Flint. This time around our hero (who, since the last time we saw him, seems to have added ballet dancing, hypnosis and the ability to communicate with dolphins to his already formidable array of talents) has to battle a devious all-female organisation out to brainwash the women of the planet into taking over from those pesky, chauvinistic males using a fake president, a nuclear-equipped space platform and hair dryers. Or something. To be honest it doesn't make much sense but by the time Flint heads into space you're not likely to care anymore, just ignore the dopey plot and concentrate on the comedy fisticuffs, silly gadgets and general corniness and you ought to have a laugh.

stefano l (ru) wrote: Maybe conceived out of an LSD trip, this movie is a total mess, controlled mess, but always a mess. With some great choice of locations and camera using manages to make fascinating also Bucharest, a city that I didn't like much when I went there.

Mariana A (it) wrote: Saoirse Ronan no decepciona

Leslie D (kr) wrote: Creepy robbery-gone-bad tale with isolated farm setting, night goggle-vision and scary Scarecrows messing with everyone's minds. Top-notch quality DVD release that could almost pass for HD.

Tim S (jp) wrote: A serviceable action thriller.

Greg B (gb) wrote: Whilst not entirely factual, of course, this superb film remains faithful to an extraordinary story of courage; not only that of the British soldiers who brilliantly defended at Rorke's Drift and of whom eleven were awarded the Victoria Cross, but of the Zulu warriors who faced death 'with honour'. The film fills one's eyes with magnificent colour spread over a rather bleak landscape and so has that 'epic' feel without any sense of self-importance and so true to Stanley Baker's own character. It's Michael Caine's introduction to film where, though himself a Cockney, plays Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead ; an officer with a definite military pedigree. The film strikes one in a way that one might have read of it through the telling of Kipling or G.A. Henty where the events are presented as mythology to underscore the 'greatness of the British Empire and her heroes'. A brilliant keeper.