Arthur et la vengeance de Maltazard

Arthur et la vengeance de Maltazard

Arthur did as a boy what only grandpa, a fellow nature buff, did as an adult: pass, as white man, the Bogo tribe's tests of harmony with the natural worlds of trees, minerals and animals. To answer a mysterious call fro help from the Mimimoy people, he enters their world miniaturized. By the time he works out with friends it was a trick, the mastermind has already escaped, ready to strike in our world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Arthur et la vengeance de Maltazard torrent reviews

Will M (jp) wrote: A bizarre, interesting journey.

Uriah C (gb) wrote: such a good movie. if your into indie films that have a strange twist on regular stories, watch this. you will like it.

Raija H (br) wrote: S fngslande, sg den flertalet ggr.

John M (gb) wrote: An intriguing and faithful translation of a favourite tale, this time setting Les Liaisons Dangereuses in Old Korea. Captures the essential humanity of all the characters, as well as communicating the amorality of the main players even across the cultural divide.

Marrick A (gb) wrote: Great documentary on a little know subject.

Adam R (mx) wrote: (First viewing - Late teen years)

Don S (kr) wrote: Difficult at times to watch, this well acted drama doesn't do enough to tell us who the Maori people are and possibly why they are in the dire straits they live in - similar to Native Americans in this county. The domestic violence and rampant alcohol abuse is so pervasive that the characters don't flinch or think twice about it. This type of movie, like Leaving Las Vegas, just can't be enjoyed.

Mike A (mx) wrote: My favorite of the series. Many prefer Raiders (which is also a masterpiece), but, I feel you just can't beat Sean Connery as the best Indy sidekick of all time. Their interplay is hilarious throughout. And who better to play Indy's Dad than James Bond?

i C (nl) wrote: 4/10good effects, but the rest is forgettable

Andr D (fr) wrote: Con la cancin "Once In A Lifetime" de Talking Heads se inicia "A Hologram For The King", la segunda colaboracin del director alemn Tom Twyker con el actor Tom Hanks, luego de la metafsica "Cloud Atlas" (co-dirigida con los hermanos Wachowski).Esta pelcula, basada en la aclamada novela de Dave Eggers, retrata de una manera precisa y efectiva la experiencia de confusin, alienacin, soledad y aislamiento, producto de la bsqueda de nuevas oportunidades.Tom Hanks, en un papel retador y diferente a lo acostumbrado, logra proyectar todo esto interpretando a Alan Clay, un vendedor divorciado que busca ofrecerle un sistema informtico al rey de Arabia Saudita, como un ltimo recurso para volverle a dar rumbo a su vida y poder ofrecerle a su hija la educacin que se merece.Clay es un extrao en una tierra extraa. Lo acompaan en sus correras su chofer Yusef (un simptico Alexander Black), Hanne (Sidse Babett Knudsen) una ejecutiva danesa que quiere acostarse con l y Zahra (una magnfica Sarita Choudhury), una doctora que sirve de cura tanto fsica como sentimental para Alan.Esta es una pelcula literaria y llena de simbolismos que probablemente defraudar a aquellos que buscan a un Tom Hanks de pelculas de gnero tipo "The DaVinci Code"). Pero si usted busca una pelcula inteligente, bien actuada y que pone a los personajes por encima de una historia, esta es una muy buena eleccin.