Arthur 3: la guerre des deux mondes

Arthur 3: la guerre des deux mondes

Maltazard, the Evil M, is now 7 feet tall and evolving among the humans, causing terror wherever he goes. His goal is simple: forming an army of giant henchmen and ruling over the universe. Meanwhile, Arthur is still a Minimoy, and thus in a state where he's unable to fend him off. With the help of Selenia and Betameche, he hatches a plan to regain his usual size: all they must do is infiltrate Arthur's house through the pipeworks, catch an electric train from his bedroom to his grandfather's study and find an elixir that will make him grow back to his human size. Sounds simple enough, if it weren't for Darkos, Maltazard's own son, hot on their tails. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Arthur 3: la guerre des deux mondes torrent reviews

Michael S (ru) wrote: Good, my 2 year old daughter was dancing during the scenes but I wish these cartoons would stop having violence in them; why do they do that? Our kids do not enjoy being scared nor does it save any purpose to show people being angry or being poisoned. Please stop.

leane e (jp) wrote: really dumb movie with blah everything from the characters to the story to the lame masked killer

john c (kr) wrote: This sequel made the first one look like crap so i dnt wanna see it

Brody M (it) wrote: Great movie.I was hooked from start to finish.

Matt L (ca) wrote: Look for a young Jessica Walters from Arrested Development. Wow.

Sarah B (it) wrote: Crazy madcap Herbie adventure, enjoyable but not much else.