Arthur's Perfect Christmas

Arthur's Perfect Christmas

Arthur, D.W., and their family and friends prepare to make the best Christmas ever in Elwood City - but obstacles get in their way.

Arthur, D.W., and their family and friends prepare to make the best Christmas ever in Elwood City - but obstacles get in their way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin B (jp) wrote: The first was cute but insubstantial; there was no reason to make a sequel, especially when the more interesting story was already told.

Christopher Llewellyn R (au) wrote: The only other Jodorowsky film I've seen is "Santa Sangre," and boy, was that a trip! It was about an armless mother who dominates her son by forcing him to act as her arms for her, often murderously. It was extremely bloody and disturbing, and I'm still not sure to this day if I liked it, but it was deeply memorable (I often recommend it), which is what we want art to be, no?This new film - Jodorowsky's first since 1990's "The Rainbow Thief," is bizarre yet majestically beautiful, and compared to "Santa Sangre," it is a model of filmmaking restraint. Of course, if you've never seen a Jodorowsky film, you'll marvel at that description (and immediately rent or buy "Santa Sangre," I hope, to see how "The Dance of Reality" could be called "restrained"). Billed as an autobiographical film about Jodorowsky's childhood in Chile, "The Dance of Reality" is a magical-realist coming-of-age fable with a twist: it's not the boy (young Alejandro) who grows up, but the father, Jaime (played by the marvelous Brontis Jodorowsky, the director's son). In order for Alejandro to become a man, first the tyrannical father must die and be reborn as a kindler and gentler soul, able to appreciate the ways in which his son is different, and to celebrate that difference.Filled with striking images and fantastical sequences, the film might turn off those looking for strict narrative coherence, although it is fairly linear in its plot development. I recommend that you stick around for the full journey, as it will surprise you and mark you as only a truly unique and inspired work of art can do. And now I have to go off and watch some more films by Jodorowsky, as two is not enough.

Jesus C (ru) wrote: Theres something to be said that this is the first anthology film where the wrap around is more interesting than the actually stories.I'm not even gonna go into it but I'll say if you do end up watching this crap, watch just the fourth story (about the girl who never dreams) that should of been a stand alone movie. That story is truly a diamond in the rough.

Anas M (ca) wrote: The songs are all 5 stars. The movie is made well too. But the story of the movie is real crap.

Graham B (es) wrote: A rather melodramatic and hackneyed coming out story. Had potential, but never really hits it. Shame.

Lucas M (jp) wrote: Glengarry Glen Ross is one of the terrific exemples that a film, doesn't need expensive scenes with several settings, just a captivating and intelligent screenplay.

David H (ru) wrote: Despite Richard Matheson doing writing duties on all three stories, only the third is worthy of note.

Matt G (ca) wrote: If there was ever a movie I would want to remake, it would be this. What a brilliant concept, modest yet detailed characters, and patient and subtle direction. The narrative is so direct and simple. It's not hiding anything. This is the story of an elderly couple married for 50 years who must live apart because the man's pension has run out and they can no longer afford their house. These things are established in the opening minutes, along with the relationship the parents have with their children. The tone of each scene is so specific and contradictory and perfect. Such a complex blend of melancholy and lightheartedness. And yet, the actors always appear to be improvising (after watching the interview with Bogdanovich on the DVD, McCarey's method did indeed involve improv.) The last 30 minutes were truly incredible filmmaking. These end scenes, at times, felt like Mike Leigh making Before Sunrise in the 1930s. I want to make a movie like this one day. It's so open to all of the meaning and complex emotions in life, when there's nothing you can do but enjoy the moments you have with someone.

Melissa T (it) wrote: Great movie! Well acted!

Nigel K (es) wrote: I'm on my own here but I really rate this film, I love the story. Oh well, it's good to be in a minority!

Bobby L (ag) wrote: This is Harryhausen's second to last movie, and was his third and last Sinbad picture. Patrick Wayne, son of John, is wooden, and the main villainess is so over-the-top that it's, at times comical. However, this does feature some of his best work in Trog, a trogloydite (think missing link meets caveman) who is so emotive and expressive and interacts beautifully with the human actors. The fight near the end with a sabertooth tiger is well done as well.