Artifacts of Idealism

Artifacts of Idealism

A wealthy retiree's pursuit of aesthetic perfection leads him to hire a private investigator's earnest young intern to follow an amateur model after he discovers her face in local copy of a Rossetti painting. The man and boy quickly bond and, with the help of a would-be pickup artist, quietly interject themselves into the life of the girl as she enters university, in a Montreal awash with student protests.

A 75 minute drama about art, beauty, pickup, and angry protesters. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike M (ag) wrote: This kind of gnomic deadpan is an acquired taste - a familiarity with, and fondness for, early Jarmusch might help - yet even if Eimbcke tends to hold them at a studied arm (or camera)'s length, rarely moving in for a close-up, his young people do look, think and act like young people; and if the film does nothing more than drive several times around the same block, avoiding the issues its protagonist has waiting for him at home, there's a freshness and confidence in the way it finds new angles to pursue, and unexpected (albeit minor) roads to go down.

Cody C (kr) wrote: Very moving and informative. You really get a sense of who Jerry Harvey was, and what movies he loved and why. Discovered some really interesting films by watching this. And I'd never heard of Z Channel at all, prior to this doc. Definitely worth checking out, especially if you're a film buff. If you're a film buff, this is a must-watch.

scott g (jp) wrote: terrible, not to mention just one scene where any gladiator action takes place, i half smiled once i believe. the jokes are week, and at times trying to pass ofas pythons life of bryan, but failing miserably, and the lead is trying her best here, she comes of okay but definatly at times failing too,some terrible comedy moments from everybody involved make this a avoid

Kristina K (us) wrote: Should've read this before buying: "Quite possibly the most insultingly stupid movie you will ever see. That's saying a lot, but Whipped earns this title through sheer, jaw-dropping narcissism." - Worst movie EVER.

Era M (de) wrote: Entretenida de principio a fin, que se mantiene gracias a la inteligente historia que te mantiene al borde del asiento. Un final abrupto e inesperado que bien pudo ser mejor.

Mike N (gb) wrote: Okay, I'm a runner, so I'm obviously going to like it. I thought the actors did a great job and it's a great story about one of the biggest and most popular running stars. I'm not quite as extreme (or fast) as him, but I like to think I have a great drive and passion :) I also learned something about the Munich games, and of course much more than I knew before about Pre. Amazing runner.The only pace is suicide pace and today looks like a good day to die.

Ahmad J (ru) wrote: Fun film with a couple unexpected cameos.

Richard D (mx) wrote: Yves Montand stars as a professor of psychiatry who, while demonstrating hypnosis to his class, accidentally hypnotizes Barbara Streisand in the audience. He discovers she is not a student, but was trying to approach him to help her quit smoking ... and she probably has psychic powers. He agrees to help, but under hypnosis, he accidentally regresses her to a past life as an English noblewoman. He continues with these sessions and ends up falling in love with her past persona. Meanwhile, she falls in love with him. This is a weird film. It's a musical, but there's so little music in the film, that it may as well not be. What music there is just serves to stall the plot. Adding to the oddness, Jack Nicholson and Bob Newhart appear in small supporting roles.

Senor C (mx) wrote: I was really expecting the worse when the opening credits rolled & Perry Como started crooning out the title track. Just fucking terrible that it tortures you w/ it once again @ the end. Everything else is magnificent putting Somebody Up There Likes Me w/ some of the greatest b/w boxing movies like Raging Bull & The Harder They Fall. Originally intended for James Dean before his untimely death this is perfect fit for Paul Newman who does this bio-pic justice. It also has the added bonus of Sal Mineo in the cast & a brief cameo by Steve McQueen as a hooligan in a roof top rumble. His very presence made me smile & I wish he was in it more then the few seconds that he was

Kevin M W (it) wrote: It begins with a nod to Blair Witch as a documentary crew heads out into the wild to ... well, they're never too clear on what the original mission was about. In point of fact, they're not too clear about much of anything. The script is either made up on the spot or simply horrible. The characterizations retreads you've seen in a hundred movies. Its a badly done thing, not worth the light of day is all. I couldn't finish it.

Jens L (us) wrote: Definitly a classic...especially if u relate it to the time it had been made. And the funny thing is...if u travel the south nowadays there are places still looking like Sparta...which in my view is more history

Amy L (nl) wrote: A sad story about the lack of suitable support for foreign students and not knowing when a cough isn't just a cough.