Artista, dolarii si Ardelenii

Artista, dolarii si Ardelenii


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:1978
  • Language:English,Romanian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sequel,  

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Artista, dolarii si Ardelenii torrent reviews

Dom G (au) wrote: That's about an hour and a half I won't get back. Someone should be gel accountable for this crap.

Mike H (ru) wrote: This is all bad you people are gonna pay Some how I ended up in a realty show and guess I got for loving this gir Melinda but iI am in a game but I guess I don't play by what they want so there are threats made against my boy and he dies and I'm forced into this game just by the way she was walking down the street and guise what my boy is dead and now here's that you ont believe this Melinda is a part of this big oh realty show very famous and has a lot of money you know the only thing she said when I saw her yesterday was I heard 3 people died um I replied one lived FromAny perspective this demands an investigation now what do I win Melinda or should I soGive you real manme and all the co involved you want it you got it see you on tv this if for some reason is not true but in any as I am completely blown away by people that are allowed to behave like this or even find them selfs entertained this sic. I need some FBI involvement or I will take this into my own hands promise toy I won't need 12 Jura to pass judgment or make a mistake

Private U (gb) wrote: For those who like their humor extra dark...

Alex r (br) wrote: The Celestine Prophecy has got to be the most boring film ever made. A total waste of time from start to finish. I never read the book, and won't after seeing this trash. But man was this film pointless and lame. I never seen something so crappy. The film has a terrible plot, and worse acting. I here the book is great, but after watching this, I'm not so much interested anymore. I think that the film could have been a good one, but it feels so cheap, and preachy that it's laughable. The cast here are terrible, and theres not really impressive names here. I thought the film was a missed opportunity and maybe, maybe could have been something really good. But instead The Celestine Prophecy is simply a bore fest from start to finish, and you're waiting for something interesting to happen, but it doesn't. The Celestine Prophecy is a waste of Celluloid This film shouldn't have been made and it was a poor execution of a popular book. What The Celestine Prophecy is, is a film that tries to be something spiritual and feel good, but it ends frustratingly painful for the viewer to watch. Finishing watching this film was a chore, and now I can only hope to warn potential viewers that this film simply sucks, and is not worth watching. This is a wasted film that has a stupid, pointless script that doesn't go nowhere. The film fails at being spiritual, and ends up being very cheesy. One of the worst film ever made for sure.

Tiffany M (nl) wrote: "Love doesn't stop when time passes, or you live in different places, or somebody's gone."

lisa s (de) wrote: what we wish politicians were like

Cody C (nl) wrote: This movie's pretty good. Caine and Kingsley have great chemistry and both are very funny. Never really gets amazing though, kinda drags in spots, but definitely worth watching. I wouldn't be surprised if I watch this again one day and like it a lot more just cause I'm in more of a mood for it. But anyway, it's good.

James O (br) wrote: 200TH REVIEW SPECTACULAR! For my 200th review, I decided to do something special, so I thought, "What movie have I wanted to see for a while?" The answer to that was obvious: Blood Diner. Then I decided to do a mega-review, filled with information, insight, links, and more. So sit back and enjoy this jam-packed review of one of the best movies ever: Blood Diner.The movie starts off in 1968 with two kids, George (who's making clay food) and Mike (who's working on his hypnotism) who are alone in the house when suddenly a man beats down the door (which appears to be made out of cardboard) with a meat cleaver! The man turns out to be their Uncle Anwar, who gives them both necklaces and tell them both never to forget him or Sheetar, an ancient goddess he has been teaching them about. Anwar goes outside and is promptly shot down by the police.19 years later, the brothers dig up Anwar's grave and remove his brain and eyeballs and place them in a jar. Anwar can somehow speak to them without vocal chords, so he can give them guidance as to how they can resurrect Sheetar with a sacrificial virgin and make a "blood buffet". The brothers begin hunting and killing trashy women all across the city as two cops try and track them down. Blood Diner was originally put into production as a sequel to H.G. Lewis' 1964 splatter classic Blood Feast. However, that idea fell through so they decided to spoof it instead. The young Mike character was actually portrayed by a female actress, Roxanne Cybelle. It was finished in three weeks, and upon release, Blood Diner was banned in several areas of Canada.To say Blood Diner is crazy is a major understatement. I can't even find the words to say how insane this movie is. This entire paragraph is about to be filled with spoilers, so I'd recommend you skip to the next paragraph. Blood Diner is filled with incredibly looney moments that are hilarious to watch. Mike covers a naked girl with batter, turns on the deep fryer, has her lie down with her head next to it (she's not suspicious of anything going on), and shoves her head in. She manages to kick her assailant and take her head out, but now her head is literally a huge hushpuppy. She starts running around the diner before Mike knocks her hushpuppy-head off with a broom. The rival chef has a life-size plush doll of a cowboy he makes talk through ventriloquism. The brothers cut off both of the rival chef's hands and he attempts to drive a car afterwards. The topless cheerleader/aerobics squad that get gunned down by Mike in a Ronald Reagan mask. And, my favorite, a fat biker getting run over with a van repeatedly because he just won't die, all set to mambo music! There's so much more where that came from.The acting was exceptionally hammy, but I loved every minute of it. The pace was brisk and it never drags anywhere in the film. Director Jackie Kong knows exactly what type of film it is and she never treats it as anything different. It sets out to be a spoof of Blood Feast and it achieves this without going to disastrous means to pull a laugh from the audience (Epic Movie). Blood Diner isn't on DVD yet, and that surprises me. It has acquired a very large following since its release and is a definite favorite among the horror fans that have seen it. Besides, Dragon Releasing over in Germany gave Blood Diner a very nice Digipack release with an all-new transfer, booklet, and more. I'd love to see Blood Diner done justice on DVD here in the U.S., but all I can do is hope.

Samuel B (ca) wrote: Yes, another oldie, this one from 1969, but quite a good one. Stars Ingrid Bergman, a very young Goldie Hawn, and Walter Matthau. Matthau is a dentist on 5th avenue who is dating much younger Hawn, and who finds himself in a pickle when he has to continually cover up for lying to her that he was married with children. Bergman (his dental assistant) inevitably becomes involved in the plot and drama ensues. Check this one out, its a classic.

Andrew C (nl) wrote: Woohoo! This was a fun one. Actually a pretty well done giant insect movie, especially one done before the 80's. If you like older movies or giant insects check it out. The good old days when rolling around in radiation automatically improved a species. YEAH making radiation fun!

Christopher B (it) wrote: Good film, great stunts.

Keith C (gb) wrote: a lot of great performances in a pretty predictable family drama caused by ghosts find the body and killer mystery

Sebastian V (br) wrote: Acting is garbage. Realism is garbage. CGI is garbage. Generic as generic can be.

Erich S (ru) wrote: it's not a bad movie