Artur Becker

Artur Becker

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Steve K (it) wrote: The pseudo-documentary film goes too far. Yes, many of the ladies are attractive and get to bare all, but it's still wrapped up in a close to unwatchable package.

Rickey D (au) wrote: This isn't even worthy of a star. I kept waiting for the climax, and nothing...

Mohamed F (au) wrote: Ramin Bahrani's sophomore feature which shares lots of elements with his debut, same detachment, same indifference, same pacing, but with a worse story.The movie was full of cliche predictable events and moments, and it makes you feel indifferent towards the characters, though the story enraged me at times and I wanted them to burn.I don't know what's with all the fuss, this movie doesn't deserve to belong in the history of cinema, along with all those who wanna rip the art out of filmmaking.

Al S (ca) wrote: A stylish, bone-chilling , exhilarating and heart-pounding edge of your seat thriller. A riveting, hard-boiled and intense action-packed ride. Jean Reno is sensational, giving one of his best and toughest performances. It's expertly well-crafted and well-developed. An explosive film that's loaded with mind-blowing suspense and adrenaline-pumping action. It grabs you and dose not let go and leaves you hanging in with sheer terror. It's compelling with a great mood and atmosphere, gripping with a great story and characters that's wickedly entertaining all the way through. A thrill-ride that actually thrills.

TJ M (es) wrote: One of the best military movies ever made.

Pim C (au) wrote: Shitty, boring film following the lives of 2 lawyers whose paths get mixed up, resulting in a shit storm. Daft and unbelievable story that snowballs into a shit storm. Not recommended.

Andrew L (us) wrote: Gene Hackman plays a bitter version of his role from 'The Conversation'. In fact this is almost a re-make of 'the Conversation' but faster paced and with action sequences. Enjoyable enough

Lui F (ru) wrote: Death treated with the peculiar Kore-Eda subtlety. The argument itself is very imaginative and somehow funny, what makes the dramas of memory no way tearful or desperate.

Christopher B (gb) wrote: I can just die every time I see Richard Mulligan dress up as a mummy in this silly movie.

Patrick M (nl) wrote: A pretty good movie. The characters and the acting are dull, but the action is great. This is Ray Harryhaussen's movie.

Jonathan S (es) wrote: Giant starfish warn Japanese people about stuff! Awesome!

John A (br) wrote: Griffith is just a master of visual storytelling. This film flows so well, alternating moments of tension with moments of excitement with moments of pathos and so on. The last 45 minutes or so are a frenetic mix of all these elements, bringing the film to a satisfying, if not unexpected, close. Lillian Gish is especially good in the latter portions of the film, while Griffith is able to bring a sense of intimacy in spite of the revolutionary context.