Arvo Pärt: 24 Preludes for a Fugue

Arvo Pärt: 24 Preludes for a Fugue


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Arvo Pärt: 24 Preludes for a Fugue torrent reviews

Drew F (ca) wrote: @Scott Halbrook should check this out @Corey you should check it out too lol

Countess N (jp) wrote: Just didnt get into it.

Sean B (us) wrote: Eddie Murphy isn't even in it. That's literally how bad this movie is.

Jack G (br) wrote: Nice shower scenes if a little fetishistic (if a shower can be fetishistic outside of Hitchcock), and Mike Tyson has an AMAZING cameo. But aside from that, and maybe one interesting scene between Campbell and Uncle Junior, it's pretty weak.

Delmer B (gb) wrote: Sol Goode is awesome. Good jokes, gags, and hot girls.

Frances H (nl) wrote: Having observed the Little Theater/high school drama set in a couple of small towns over the years, I found this movie hilarious! Christopher Guest always delivers!

Heather M (jp) wrote: I think that I can safely pass on this one.

Aaron M (jp) wrote: Unlike many other animated sequels Ice Age is fairly consistant. Like the ones before it its got humour for both the kids and adults. The idea for plotlines must be getting quite limited but this pirate themed fatherhood storyline worked well and the characters you love are back and new ones introduced. Long may Ice Age continue.

Eric P (mx) wrote: Fell asleep part way through. It was dull and painful to watch. The cynicism of Murray in Scrooged doesn't suite him, or the movie for that matter. There were a couple laughs, but it was mostly dry and fell flat.

Albaab R (ca) wrote: Very underrated movie. Russel Crowe did a great job on this one. I liked some of the visuals too. Beautiful story, tho the fantasy bits took away a bit. Watch it if you're in the mood for a slow winding pretty looking movie