As Aventuras Amorosas de Um Padeiro

As Aventuras Amorosas de Um Padeiro

The film is about a baker's love adventures, also depicting a woman who has to decide among her husband, the baker and a black artist.

As the title in Portuguese tells, the film is about a baker's love adventures, also depicting a woman who has to decide among her husband, the baker and a black artist. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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As Aventuras Amorosas de Um Padeiro torrent reviews

Simon J (gb) wrote: [email protected]

Andrew S (ru) wrote: A successful pickpocket living the outlaw lifestyle is confronted with an old one-night stand who tells him that she is pregnant with his child.Not the most entertaining movie, but the ending is enjoyable.

Jack P (us) wrote: Attempts to be a comedy but manages to squeeze out only 1 or 2 laughs AT MOST.

Felipe N (ru) wrote: De no ser por tanta pata y combo, probablemente seria mas fome de lo que es. Es pa verla, pero ni te ries, ni emocionas por la accion. Actuaciones un tanto lela, guion con muchos vacios, pero accion decente.

Richard C (br) wrote: Wonderfully structured, highly entertaining and peppered with brilliantly-written scenarios revolving around different characters that only serve as a hypnotic method of getting the viewer's attention. Broken Embraces cements its position as possibly Almodovar's most underrated film, one that almost certainly get a second viewing in the near future.

John R (jp) wrote: Haven't been able to bring myself to see any of the movies related to this incident. Get a sick feeling in my stomach just looking at the covers.

V L (jp) wrote: It's a well done documentary, but where's the line between being a documentary and exploitation of a situation?

logan v (ag) wrote: very nice movie..with very interesting plot (not so original) but full with meaning...

julian p (br) wrote: i lo ve this Movie.

Jeremy S (nl) wrote: It's pretty badass in its own ridiculous little way. I've had camp counselors that were a bit like Bacon in this movie. Good times for all concerned.

Hashim Ali C (kr) wrote: A very good movie. although it lagged in places. The visuals were killer. Perhaps I understand Hindi that is why i didnt enjoy it that much; because the acting was terrible. the dialogues were said flat out right with no emotion. Only Seema Biswas as Shakuntala performed amazingly well!

John A (es) wrote: Eastwood's 1984 Flick Tightrope, Is A Dark Psycho-Thriller,That Just Doesn't Work As It Is Highly Dependent On Voyeurism & Just Features Too Much, The Script Is Ham As Well As The Acting

James H (au) wrote: 75/100. Exceptionally fine western, with Spencer Tracy giving a superb performance. Very well produced, good cinematography. The acting by all is very good, except for Robert Wagner, who is in way over his head. His performance is very wooden and it does hurt the film. Katy Jurado is particularly good in a supporting role, and she was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award. It's always interesting. It's a pleasure to see a western with a deep and moving plot. It won an Oscar for best screenplay.

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