As Aventuras de Pedro Malazartes

As Aventuras de Pedro Malazartes


It is the story of Pedro, who after being passed over by his brothers, wanders the world in search of a better life, but on the way, finds children who eventually conquer it, and in order to help them, he passes scamming other people he met along the way, telling lies, however, always with the goal of helping him new friends. And kills a cow. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Harper C (ru) wrote: I hated the filming everything was so close up it was nauseating I liked the rest though, the story was ok and the acted was good

Johnna S (kr) wrote: The performance of Colin Hurley as the sweet but disturbed Blake is the bright spot of this movie. I wouldn't agree with the synopsis that states Tom Thompson takes pity on Blake; rather it seems that Tom and his wife are both drawn in by Blake's openness and warmth (qualities they clearly lack). But the style of the film is jarring, caught somewhere between a traditional chronological narrative film and a pseudo-documentary. While the "interviews" of the Thompsons reveal quite a bit about the characters, I would prefer to have seen this character development unfold a little more naturally.

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