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Leon B (kr) wrote: I laughed, I cried...I connected!! This movie was not only an autobiography of the Bones Brigade, but a biography of us ALL who enjoyed skateboarding during our childhood and teens in the 80's. We lived the ups and downs, and ups again of this wonderful sport/hobby/artform (what ever you want to call it)! Thanks guys for allowing me to share that time w/ my kids (who now skate too)!!

Alexandra D (kr) wrote: A cute and quirky romcom. Original and funny.

Sylvester K (ca) wrote: A terrible film that tries to satire the film industry but ultimately failed. All the actors are unbelievable good looking, plot was cliched, and script was terrible. It's a huge disappointment to see Kaley Cuoco starring in some junk like this. This is just another one of your average product from Hollywood.

Gading G (nl) wrote: creative story.. love the main character

Sara C (us) wrote: wow that sounds really weird but intriguing

Risa C (jp) wrote: awesome movie. it kept me guessing till the end. i never knew what wasn't true and was till the end of the movie. i also really loved ending cause freddie and his girl got to live happily ever after. Freddie prinze jr. was great in this movie!!!

Stephanie T (fr) wrote: I wish I could see the other ones. I love the colors, the interactions between beings, and the strange way everything makes sense.

Leon B (au) wrote: Plot:Set in the early 20th century where Wai (Jet Li) embarks on an action packed quest in search of "The Scriptures With No Words". Accompanied by his loyal assistant Pao they encounter many obstacles along the way, including the lovely-but-deadly Yu Fung, a top agent for the Japanese who falls for Dr Wai's boyish looks, and lethal fighting skills of underworld gangster Ngai, who falls prey to the scriptures and transforms into an evil monster to confront Li in the final showdown.Review:I'm usually a big fan of Jet Li movies, but this one was really bad. I didn't have a clue what was going on and the acting was pretty appalling. Some of the action scenes weren't to bad, but the storyline was all over the place and it just seemed to jump for one scene to the next. Although the movie was made in the 90's, it looked like it was made in the early 80's with a dodgy camera. The film reminded me of Jackie Chan's earlier work when he was making those ridiculous Kung fu comedies that were equally bad. Anyway, I'll put this movie down to a quick payday for Li because he brought out much better movies in the 90's.Round-Up:I've decided to start a Jet Li collection, but this movie was not a good film to start off with. It might be down to the fact that I lost complete interest right from the beginning, which is why I lost the plot, but it didn't seem like I missed much. The fact is, no matter what type of movie Jet Li is in, his fighting skills are impressive and there very unique, except for appearance in the Expendables were he doesn't seem to do much at all. Anyway, if your a Jet Li fan, don't judge him by this movie because it had to be one of his worst ones.I recommend this movie to people who are into there Jet Li movies about a man in search for some scriptures. 1/10

Dean M (es) wrote: Plenty of swordplay fails to sharpen this standard tale of revenge set in the professional world of sword fighting.

Rodney G (de) wrote: This movie was hilarious! It may not appeal to the public at large but those with a wacky sense of humour will love it. The plot is a bit lame but the ideas is appealing to the anarchist in those of us so inclined. I like the insane plodding of the characters that most in modern society will not relate to or even sympatise with. this is not the 60s unfortunately. I love the insane ending..

Vladdy Trout (au) wrote: Funny. Jodie Foster is great as a tough talking street wise delinquent. The English setting is perfect.

Hunter S (mx) wrote: Not very good, isn't really cohesive. I get what its going for, and its interesting to see John Lennon (if mildly ironic that he's in a war movie), but its just not funny enough to be good.

I dont know w (gb) wrote: I'll probably laugh all through this.

John Y (it) wrote: Cute Disney film that traces the legend of Davey Crockett.

Nathaniel B (us) wrote: Bridgette Wilson is so freaking hot!!!

Liv S (ag) wrote: Berlin Film Festival 84' Golden Bear