As Cool As I Am

As Cool As I Am

A smart teenage girl comes of age in a small town with her self-centered parents who had her when they were teenagers.

A precocious teen (Sarah Bolger) has a sexual awakening and later find out that her self-centered parents had her when they were teenagers and their marriage is not as strong as she thought. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phyllis S (br) wrote: Slow moving, but the ending makes it all worth the time, trust me! Pay close attention to the final scene or you could miss the twist. :)

TJ M (it) wrote: A good movie, yet highly predictable. Not overly cliche' but the ending could use some work. Reasonable acting, but not believable enough to make it great. Worth a look on a rainy day or a weekend with nothing else to do

Kjetil H (es) wrote: Super digg om de glade hippier. Her fr noen av 60 tallets mest dopglade musikere, ett eget tog til disposisjon for dra gjennom Canada spille p festivaler. Ett salig surr og masse god stemning og musikk! LOVE!

nicole w (de) wrote: Got very repetitive and monotonous, but still, great acting from Bette & Woody Allen.

Asa B (it) wrote: Fun bit of nostalgic film watching, plus the whole "King of Finland" part was particularly amusing for this Finland resident.

Brandon R (nl) wrote: Silly dinosaurs, blue neanderthals, a real 'Overlord' of a villain, and a blond-headed caveman from the post-nuclear future. These are just a few of the many enjoyable things to be found in this unimaginable dung heap of a movie. Yor: The Hunter From The Future is so unbelievably bad in such a childlike way that it practically verges on the transcendental; referring to it as more of an experience than an actual movie seems accurate somehow. In my opinion, it stands alongside Critters, Army of Darkness and Maximum Overdrive in the pantheon of awesomely bad cinema. If you still have a VCR lying around and are somehow able to procure a copy of it on eBay, then shoot for the muck instead of the moon and bid on the silly thing. Watch it with someone you know, but make sure to polish your wit and pick up a six pack before doing so for the full-on Mystery Science Theater 3000 experience.

kelly (gb) wrote: This is the first in the series that I have seen. I particularly liked this glimpse into various people's lives. But as one of the subjects expresses, though it may not be a valid experiment it is at least entertaining. Also, as an American viewer I do gain some solid knowledge of UK culture in this particular time period. The people are all quite candid, and currently being 21 myself, this film consequently knocks away some boundaries other viewers have when relating to these people and examining their mentality.

Paul J (nl) wrote: Great John Wayne flick. The duke makes man moves the whole movie. He is a great actor

Dougie F (jp) wrote: Ingrid Pitt is great in this and 'The Vampire Lovers' as Hammer turned to lesbianism. Definitely my favourite skirt-lifter!

Silvina L (jp) wrote: A gripping atmospheric thriller that traps you into the depths of a mystery that is hard to solve. One of the best movies I have ever seen. An excellent adaptation of a classic in NZ's literature

Anna P (gb) wrote: Fun, enjoable and with a twist ending.Nothing amazing though, but I did want to see it to the end.

John C (us) wrote: Though its not the "Pulp Fiction" masterpiece that it was written and intended to be, 'Cop Land" deserves to be seen for Ray Liotta, Harvey Keitel and Sylvester Stallone's performances alone, and has proven more and more relevant as time goes on.

Marcus G (fr) wrote: Pixar has done it again with another beautiful, animated classic. This movie has been getting not the best reviews, but, in my opinion, I think this is one of their bests.