As Filhas da Chiquita


  • Category: Documentary
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  • Uploader: FangFap
  • Writer: Priscilla Brasil, Vladimir Cunha, Gustavo Godinho

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Users reviews

Bill K (gb)

I would not sit down and watch this again

David F (us)

It does start a little slow and stilted until you adjust to it's flow and enjoy the ride. The effects were top notch and the pacing left you constantly wondering not only who he was, but what he could do and what would happen next. Rollins was amazing in this, playing the character to perfection without break or fault. The film itself never fully answers anything, it gives you exactly what you need to know to understand but leaves the rest alone and for some that might be infuriating but for me it was brilliant. There are a few relationships of sorts that propel one side of his story while his darker nature drives another story and as the two meet blood pours. He has scars on his back that hint to wings (plus the poster) and a manner about him that at first seems like a bad actor not understanding a part but eventually information comes to light that explains everything about the way he is. Henry Rollins plays a loner, a drunk who seems to have unlimited time, funds and wants nothing to do with anyone around him. He Never Died is the latter film. There are some films that are easily digested and parsed out for their intent and meaning, then there are those that leave you wondering throughout what the real story is, how all the clues add up and leave you wanting more as the credits roll

Ethan T (br)

Nuff said. Spencer Tracey does karate

F B (us)

Average film, average story and not one I would want to see again

Jerry D (fr)

Boring and awfully paced

Lingyu W (ag)

I love it. Give an average story great cast, wonderful music and fabulous choreography, you can get a top notch musical movie, especially when the characters speak sexy Spanish

Matt R (ru)

Great movie! Every part wa exciting and fun! :)

Stefan G (fr)

If you haven't seen it before, I would personally recommend this film, even if its director was a bit of an overrated hack. Whatever my reasons, Uncle Buck is a movie that I consistently enjoy whenever I happen to watch it. However, none of that should matter compared to whether it made me laugh, and thankfully, it did. Maybe it's just that I have a thing for the film's autumn aesthetic (apparently that's when the film was set), but I thought it looked really good, and the soundtrack was pretty good too. The film's production values are also worth mentioning. The acting is also really good, with the main cast delivering some convincing performances from left and right, and the characters that matter are a joy to watch. This film would be incredibly bland and typical if the character it was named after weren't incredibly funny. He may be irresponsible, and he may be a bit crass at times, but when he wants to be, he's a very entertaining character. In this case, John Candy's character is the highlight of the movie, and for all the right reasons. The story is surprisingly well-written, although I find it's very easy for one particular character to steal the show. It's a shame that it could only work on the silver screen. I can understand why someone would want to make a TV show out of it, it sounds like a solid concept for an American TV show. As much as I dislike John Hughes for what he stands for, this film was quite something

tenia w (es)

o sad when the boy dies. . love this movie

The Phantom C (au)

Gorgo is surprisingly uninteresting