As Good as Dead

Seeking revenge for the murder of their religious leader, fundamental loyalists kidnap and torture the man they believe responsible, but the ensuing clash of right vs. left ideologies ...

. . left ideologies . Seeking revenge for the murder of their religious leader, fundamental loyalists kidnap and torture the man they believe responsible, but the ensuing clash of right vs

As Good as Dead is the best great movie of Erez Mossek (screenplay), Eve Pomerance (screenplay). The released year of this movie is 2010. We can counted many actors in this movies torrent, such as Andie MacDowell, Cary Elwes, Frank Whaley, Matt Dallas, Nicole Ansari-Cox, Brian Cox, Clark Middleton, Emma Kantor, Juliette Bennett, Nasry Malak, Crispian Belfrage, Claudine Oriol, J.W. Cortes, Laurence Covington, Mario D'Leon. The kind of movie are Thriller. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 5.2 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movies torrent. Share this movies torrent to support us

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Users reviews

Andrew N (ag)

3- a happy wife makes life easier for you4- they are many things that go in in life as we age5- many more lessons in the movie, just watch it. 1- no one is perfect2- God will always help us. If you didn't get them then watch the movie again. The true messages in this movie are clear. A good Christian style movie, those who didn't seem to like it was because they must not watch Christian style movies

Brian S (br)

ecommended !!. It's an underrated little horror flick that deserved more attention. The score of the movie is eerie too. There's plentiful gore and the acting is okay, but the two guys who really own this movie are Bruce Campbell, who previously brought us the great "Evil Dead" franchise, and Tom atkins, who is excellent is his role and has brought us many other cult horror classics. It'll never make the list of the best horror movies ever made, but it's a fun little guilty pleasure

Camila V (gb)

It is almost impossible to catch Garcia Marquez's book awesomeness on screen, of course the movie couldn't but it's still beautiful, landscapes are still magic, still tears my heart out

Jacob V (au)

Which you shouldn't, it cuts you off from a wide variety of fantastic movies. If you don't mind reading subtitles that is. Good. . . I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys movies that are, well. This movie is not in any sense of the word bland. As well as the wide variety of characters of which each has such defining characteristics. It has its very serious moments, very intimate moments and very funny moments. I've only played Yakuza 4, but this movie certainly stayed true to the story telling and comedy of the game

James T (ag)

This film has its dick and its pussy all covered in shit. Absolute cunt of a film, shit special effects, boring characters, full of scenes blatantly ripped off from other much better movies

Jamie C (ru)

Better than I expected with some pretty good fight scenes, Ok the acting is pretty bad and it did feel like adult version of Karate Kid, But if you can ignore all of that and just enjoy the fights you will like it

JohnnyLee T (au)

Maybe deliberately so? But not my idea of a cosy Hungarian restaurant (maybe I've seen too many Hollywood movies). Except for restaurant setting - cold and bare. Good production values and WW2 atmosphere. Captivating in parts

Michelle C (nl)

the movie is fine, but i enjoyed reading it much more than watching it. its quite hard to understand if you haven't read the book

Scott H (br)

Sadly overrated. Great acting. While I get what it's trying to do, and understand why people would like it/consider it art, I felt like it doesn't do a good job of actually developing its characters, rather is just interesting because of the scenario of its first hour, with it being less interesting once the characters go overseas, which wouldn't happen if they had been established effectively

Serge L (mx)

With a comic bend. This is much like a mini Shining. The film would have worked as a murder plot. I would think someone feared to death. Too much left to the imagination at the end. Claire looks yummy, in spite of her blondiness and goofy demeanors. Minimal effects. The acting starts kind of fake but we warm up to it, since it is rather funny and ridiculous. Low budget with a story that holds together though