As I Lay Dying

As I Lay Dying

Based on the 1930 classic by Faulkner, it is the story of the death of Addie Bundren and her family's quest to honor her wish to be buried in the nearby town of Jefferson.

Based on the 1930 classic by Faulkner, it is the story of the death of Addie Bundren and her family';s quest to honor her wish to be buried in the nearby town of Jefferson. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Raphael G (it) wrote: Moving and deep. Very smart stuff is said here.

Edgar C (it) wrote: The overrated and lame William Friedkin should seriously take notes from these authentic shockfests before his time runs out, because Shion Sono's challenging wild rides are disturbingly bizarre roller-coasters with explosive directorial trademarks and sequences impossible to forget.I said it in Cold Fish (2010) and I'll say it now: overall, Japanese cinema consists in stimula that cause cognitive dissonance, a psychological response that is unpredictable most of the times. This consists in setting a scenario and contrasting it with something seemingly contradictory, such as a beautiful score against a harrowing background, or splitting the entire product into two separate and different parts. The entire "Hate Trilogy" applied such technique with wonderful precision, and throughout, Sono learned how to develop characters and the situations in which they are placed, so that the gruesome paybacks could escalate tension slowly and mercilessly in an easier way.On the other hand, the main differentiation between Sono and wanna-be disturbing directors like Friedkin is that he keeps the whole story engaging and interesting to look at; in this way, the entire second act acquires more meaning, and therefore, more shock value. What is so brilliant about Sono is that:- He adds emotional depth to the story, so you'll need the time to avoid having a heart attack and, once that's done, then you can wrap your head around the final product.- He uses extreme violence as a perfect complement for psychological horror , which is the main aim of his films. Directors fail because their aim is graphic violence. If there's no substance to behold in the background, it becomes meaningless and is degraded to mere forgettable entertainment.My only concern with this mutant baby is that it places the murder story as a secondary plot device to unfold what actually is the descent to hell of a woman's morality. It lacks focus. Instead of splitting the movie into three parts, it was divided into two. I wouldn't have minded a three-hour film, given that he has proven himself to be talented (and crazy) enough to compile a 4-hour collage of pieces of contradictory madness. Still, the film offers enough content to asault the senses and enough substance to reflect on.Based on a real-life murder case, Koi no tsumi is a rare movie to appreciate.89/100

Adam R (de) wrote: (First and only viewing - 6/10/2012)

Erin D (it) wrote: meh, so good things happen to bad people? that's not cool

Scott C (de) wrote: It's rare for me to give a movie like this five stars, but as I've watched this movie four or five times now, and enjoyed it more more each time, I've increased my rating. Everything about this movie works well. I think that it is a sorely underrated movie.

Jerrod K (nl) wrote: Entertaining B movie, but still enjoyable.

Henrysmovieguide C (ru) wrote: Pretty good, honestly. Much darker and more violent than the first, but almost better in a way. Catwoman is a good villain.

Kendall I (kr) wrote: Touching tale, but didn't live up to its full potential. PLOT:Based on the Springsteen song, "Highway Patrolman", Sean Penn directs this feature about a cop, Joe (David Morse), who tries to reconnect with his brother, Frank (Viggo Mortenson) but his growing range keeps him from reconnecting and it becomes even worse as his wife (Patricia Arquette) is pregnant with his kid. It is a plot filled with potential, but it just comes out a little unsteady with lacking...SEE OTHER CONTENT ACTING:Some very good performances in here. Mortenson and Morse play their parts very well. Arquette also does a decent job, but is kind of let down as she is the comoc relief of the fil at times. SCORE:Great soundtrack and well done score. EFFECTS:This is the movie's high point whether you choose to agree or not, for the birthing scene with Arquette, is actually a real-life birth of a baby. I it's her or not I don't know, but that's a real scene. If it's not, then they did a damn good job of simulating. OTHER CONTENT:Now to finish my statement in plot....emotional potential. It had so much emotion bottled up to leaking points, but that's all that got out was the leaks. It was a good film, but it could've packed a better emotional punch. OVERALL,a good drama with a kind of unsteady plot, very good acting, great soundtrack/score, real effects, and emotional lack.

Elian D (de) wrote: I hadn't watch this film in a long time, but upon doing it i couldn't help but ask myself if I remembered the time when Schumacher was great. This was made then.The movie consistently moves through its own world and with a distinctive athmosphere, its characters are familiar enough to be relatable and identifiable, but not so much as to become cartoonish.I specially loved how it had its rules and, even though every character had their own take of them, it was establshed as onli an opinnion, not fact. There's no "know-it-all" character explaining things that noone would have ever been logically able to know (I'm looking at you, undertaker from "Final Destination").The plot doesn't beat around the bushes and jumps right in to the main issue, and develops naturally to a fit ending.If only, I'd like a to know if Baldwin's perv got off as easily as the movie implies, or if he's still "cursed" by the time the credits roll.It was a fine film by a very good director with a rising cast.

Abigail Z (fr) wrote: That's truly inspirational movie! Loved it!

Ethan H (ag) wrote: Cheesy and corny as hell but worth it.

Alexander C (gb) wrote: Worth finding and watching!

Dean W (br) wrote: Second only to the Stones as a great British Invasion Band of the 60's, The original lineup was just incredible and this film does them justice.

Van R (mx) wrote: This predictable, but scenic standard-issue beefcake melodrama benefits enormously from top-flight production values, a good cast, and a believable storyline. Nothing supernatural occurs in ??Goliath and the Sins of Babylon.?? The mighty Babylonians defeated the small kingdom of Nefer in the Persian Gulf after four bloody years of combat. Consequently, the Neferians must pay Babylon a tribute of thirty virgins according to the peace treaty. The film opens with a girl (Eleonora Bianchi of "Ulysses against the Son of Hercules") bidding farewell to her family before the soldiers come for her as one of the thirty. She struggles to escape from the Babylonian troops. Goliath intervenes on her behalf and then winds up fighting with them himself. A resourceful little person warns Xandros and his friend about Goliath and they ride to his rescue. They literally pick him up by his brawny biceps and carry him away. Goliath threatens to unhorse them unless they reveal their identity. The soldiers pursue them, but the little fellow shuts the city gates before the Babylonian soldiers can get to it. The leader of an underground movement against the monarchy, Evandro (Livio Lorenzon of ??The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly??), persuades Goliath (Mark Forest of ??Son of Samson??) to join them so that they are 42 in number. The mischievous dwarf Ninneto (Arnaldo Fabrizio of "Samson and the Mighty Challenge") chimes in ??42 and a half?? and joins them, too. Sure, Ninneto serves as comic relief and he is pretty funny knocking out unsuspecting warriors three-times his size. The pottery scene where he eludes the soldiers is better than you??d imagine. "Colossus of the Arena" director Michele Lupo stages an okay sea battle, a careening chariot race, and several clashing swordfights. Mind you, the chariot race is nothing compared to ??Ben-Hur,?? but the setting is spectacular. Lupo is particularly adept at creating interesting transitions and the one involving the gong being struck is really good. The only thing lacking is the usual trials that the strongman hero endures to prove his strength. Displays of brawn do not appear as often as they do in other better peplum movies. One of the big scenes shows Goliath chained to a slab in the dudgeon. Above him are several holes and each hole conceals a wicked looking spear. The spears are released by means of cutting the rope holding them and then this pointed weapons travel downward toward its victim. It is a cop-out that none of the spears actually strike our hero. The spears stop several inches from his important body parts while he patiently waits and then later rips out the irons restraining him. Giuliano Gemma co-stars as Xandros. Mark Forest makes a good strongman hero and the villains are slimy enough to hate. Overall, Lupo does a good job with ??Goliath and the Sins of Babylon?? and this widescreen presentation on Retromedia looks fantastic. This is one of the most polished looking Peplums ever with pristine looking sets. This marked lenser Mario Sbrenna??s debut as cinematographer and he makes everything appear epic. No, we never get to witness any of the sins of Babylon, short of people being fed to lions.

Michael S (au) wrote: I was going back and forth on this one at first, but by the end I felt surprisingly optimistic and almost joyful. They were strange feelings for a Bergman film, but allowed me to see another side of the director that I hadn't seen so thoroughly before.