As Luck Would Have It

As Luck Would Have It

Jean-Pierre is a literature professor in Switzerland. Due to the vagarities of Swiss law, he is selected, basically at random, to be the guardian of a parentless teenage boy named Antoine. Conflict comes into the story as Jean-Pierre, who has just accepted a major promotion, must now deal with caring for a teenage boy he doesn't want to care for, as well as handling his own jealous boyfriend. Then his wife steps into the picture. Things get complicated from there as Jean-Pierre tries to get out of his guardianship.

Teacher watches his life become upside down after Justice appoints him as tutor of a troubled kid. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Teresa R (gb) wrote: Definitely creepy and a good scare. I would've liked it to end differently to make it scarier but still good.

Erin D (de) wrote: ugh. that was garbage. they are good actors, but why???

Fawn O (it) wrote: "Wrinkles", a contemporary Spanish animation providing sharp, salient commentary -- through vibrant characterization -- concerning the collective neglect and ostracization of elderly citizens in society (namely: the conditions in which nursing homes and retirement facilities are kept, as well as the misconceptions, prejudice, and [inhumane] treatment of geriatrics and associated disorders), is a mature and squeamishly dark comedy drama constructed in a refreshingly traditional hand-drawn style balancing tender, ornamental simplicity and potent cynicism which captivates the very essence of senility. When his family decides they can no longer cope with his accelerating Alzheimer's disease, former bank teller, Emilio (Martin Sheen), reluctantly consigns to live out the rest of his days in a retirement facility. As each must discover their own manner of coping in such an excruciatingly destitute place, there exists a "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest " (Jack Nicholson; 1975) familiarity because you observe the routine monotony of their day-to-day life confronted by these colourful, dementia-induced misadventures -- an impressive scope of detail to be appreciated here -- of Emilio and his fellow inmates.Its quirky and imaginative design, careful -- albeit saucy -- dialogue, and uneven pacing is animated poetry. B+[77%]

Aveeon J (jp) wrote: it the true meaning of a gangsta

John R (jp) wrote: A good movie that was almost a great movie. I like Cusack (both) so that made it a little more enjoyable. Touching but just not quite touching enough. Or, maybe it's too forced, or maybe it's just too predictable. Wasn't convincing but still worth a once over just for some of Coleman's I'm a Martian bits.

Private U (us) wrote: CRAP MOVIE, but it does make you hate Scientology.

Paul M (kr) wrote: The film can never decide if it's for kids or adults, but with so many laughs, great set pieces and over-the-top performances, this film deserves cult status.

Linus M (jp) wrote: fans of the matrix should definitely see this. Bound proves that the wachowski siblings thrive with low budget productions, if you compare to their newer projects

Aswin W (au) wrote: Again Wesley Snipes shows his karate moves better than his lame acting among the others. The plot was a joke entirely and wrong zone entertainment.

Jeff E (br) wrote: A Chinese-Canadian young woman deals with her parents and her love for a white guy. Great music, great job by Sandra Oh. I saw this in 2000 and again recently. A total unknown gem.

Private U (mx) wrote: Poor mix of jungle horror and 80's style action from Ruggero Deodato. Michael Berryman is good, though.

Art S (es) wrote: The deck is stacked against Henry Fonda as an ex-con trying to go straight and coming up against stigma and reduced opportunities at every turn. Fortunately, he's got Sylvia Sidney to love and support him. However, things take a turn for the worse when he's accused of a bank robbery in which six innocent people died. Suddenly Fritz Lang takes us from an ordinary social problem picture (of sorts) onto death row and then into Bonnie & Clyde territory. His expressionistic skiils serve him well and there are some amazing chiaroscuro shots, foreshadowing the film noir movement to come (in style and theme).

Marco F (ca) wrote: DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER on a cultural level takes no prisoners. It is completely ruthless. Every single character's background and ethnicity is mocked ruthlessly in this movie; although that is just a small part of this otherwise very entertaining and funny movie. But lets get back to that cultural stuff. All Americans in this movie (with the exception of Felix Leiter, of course) are loud, obnoxious, bumbling and racist idiots, all Germans are loud, bossy, controlling and authoritarian, all British people are emotionally constipated and are so polite you can never tell what they are feeling, and so on. Oh my Lord.

Rick N (kr) wrote: I was really expecting a very funny movie w/Bill Murray. Something was definitely off with him in this production. Johanson the taxi driver was an exception to a dreay movie...Pass on this one!

Mitchell Z (jp) wrote: Without a Paddle is probably one of the most quotable movies out there, and it helps that there actually is some depth to the story. It isn't raunchy comedy, its flat-out laughs that keep on coming.