As Night Falls

As Night Falls

10 year old Amelia's parents think it's time for her to go to sleep permanently,..... leaving her broken body in a silent shallow grave. 50 years later, Mommy and Daddy are back from hell, intent on wreaking the same deadly discipline on anyone not in bed by nightfall

10 year old Amelia's parents think it's time for her to go to sleep permanently, leaving her broken body in a silent shallow grave. 50 years later, Mommy and Daddy are back from hell, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gonalo S (de) wrote: Since it had such a dreadful and boring start, I would never expect such a development. It's a shame The Samaritan isn't more compelling all along, because the ending is actually worth the wait.

Tomi V (nl) wrote: Realistic 007 movie.

Nick C (ca) wrote: Awful, you know a film is shit when it says no poster found on flixster. DIRGE.

Peter W (gb) wrote: Great drama, intriguing story, excellent actors, colorful decorations, but the fighting scenes are ridiculous and the CGI-armies simply unwatchable. What a waste!

Lee B (ag) wrote: This is the first of 2 depressing documentaries I watched in a row. As horrendously sad as this historic incident that is the subject of this movie is, it is sad to say that I thought it wasn?t very exciting. That doesn?t mean to say that subject isn?t interesting, just that the movie gets a little ?repetitive?. It is a unique opportunity to rehash the absurd genocide that occurred. People who were part of the killing machine are confronted by people who were the victims. But are the punishers also victims? That?s one of the things this doc puts forth, and probably the most compelling thing, but watch people repeat their actions and show that they were pretty much brainwashed doesn?t make for exciting movie watching. Again, it is a brave accomplishment. It is a bold message about one of the worst things that can ever happen and did in modern times. I get it. And you can too by watching. The bad part is that it can be got even without really paying attention to the movie.

Private U (ca) wrote: Like the end of Speed except it's the whole movie and Keanu's not in it.

Brenden W (us) wrote: Shouldn't have made this movie. They made a movie staring supporting characters instead of quiting after 2.

Ian R (ag) wrote: Wow, how they've changed, it's so interesting to follow these people!

Jennifer C (nl) wrote: Chuck Rules! And kicks ass in this movie, if you like good action and wicked fight scenes, this is a movie for you...

TTT C (jp) wrote: (***): Thumbs Up Entertaining.

Luke C (de) wrote: It is a crime that this film has not been picked up by a major distributor. Probably the best Kung Fu Film I have ever seen (that is saying alot). Hark takes The One Armed Swordsman story to heights that Chang Cheh could not achieve. By far, this is Tsui Hark's best work.

Dominique D (nl) wrote: Cul-cul souhait, du dj vu, mais c'est coutable. Et Captain Kirk joue dans le film!

Dana H (it) wrote: Boooooooooooooooooooring. Interesting premise. So slow and dull.

Mohammed A (us) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Jacob T (us) wrote: This is a great movie. It had a lot of sequels. It is true classic. This is the North american cut of the first Godzilla movie. This is a scenes fiction classic. The 16th Godzilla movie The Return of Godzilla is better. But still this is a great movie. It is one of the best monster movies from the 50's. See it.

John S (es) wrote: Dolemite is hilariously stupid and awesomely bad. Not as enjoyable as some other b-movies but still well-worth the watch for the worst acting you'll ever see, and some outrageously awesome dialogue.