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Wes S (kr) wrote: It's about as typical and cliche as any other of the low-budget tv monster movies, but this one is self-aware and rather fun. The characters are bad, and they try to be bad. The plot is crazy, and full of Jaws-spoof moments. Most importantly, the sharks are interesting and unique. Overall, the movie knows what it is, and it does it right.

Brendan A (gb) wrote: Not that much jumpscares at all... A found footage film is so and so... My opinion when they first started the film, it was like they were really filming a horror movie, then it got into more and more and I know when the jumpscares were coming. I would kind of recommend this movie, but not that much.

JY S (ag) wrote: Turning Point is Herman Yau's attempt at a Hong Kong crime drama. It also serves as a prequel to the Laughing Gor character in the television series EU.While not entirely confusing, the story comes across as messy. There are a lot of lengthy flashbacks to help explain a variety of situations, but all the back and forth switching disrupts the flow of the film. The run time itself doesn't even reach 90 minutes; however this picture feels much longer. The pacing is moderate and there isn't much going on to raise the interest level in the film.A few triad beatings, a car chase, and a mediocre shooting sequence round up the action, which leaves the film really uneventful. This is a true shame.Michael Tse is considered the lead actor of the film, but he is not the star. Anthony Wong, although weird looking with his mo-hawkish hairdo, and Francis Ng steal Tse's spotlight. This isn't surprising, since both Wong and Ng are no strangers to these types of films.In the end, Turning Point isn't bad a movie; it just isn't special in any way. There is no rush to see this.

Carlton R (jp) wrote: Tiffany is fantastic, its a really good , better than you would expect from a tv movie,the song at the end of the film is really good too, but i cant find who sung it

Louis F (nl) wrote: Amazing. So full of life.

Ted W (ag) wrote: Cool good time to watch if you just want to chill or relax. If your bored to death I would say watch this movie. The guy who plays superman did does a fantastic job, way better than Henry Cavill that terrible actor. Kevin spacy the person who plays lex luthor is great, bald at the beginning, has Jesse Eisenberg hair in Batman v superman and had that hair when he was outside, not in his house but all the other times. The person who plays Lois lane is ok not as good as the other Lois in man of steel but did good but Lois not the person who plays her in this movie is stupid, doesn't know how to spell and just like the first Lois in the first superman movie smokes and of course Clark tells her not to smoke. Just like the first superman movies but a sequel to the 4th movie. I like the Story and plot of the movie, but a little smallville into this movie and combined it with Bryan singers tragic awesome xmen stuff and combines it again with superman.

Caitlin L (au) wrote: A very odd movie. Not sure what to make of it.

Spookie M (ru) wrote: Clint Howard, satan conjured through a computer, pigs and the biggest military school dickheads ever! They get theirs Carrie-style in a memorable finale!

Facebook U (es) wrote: Story based on the real adventure of a french convict. The movie realism is touching and holds the test of time. Few flaws, excellent acting, superb location. It is worth seeing.

Courtney B (us) wrote: so stupid. and obnoxious. i laughed a little here and there as i rolled my eyes at the jokes.

Benjamin N (br) wrote: Pretty bloated at points, but beautiful to look at.

Tim W (it) wrote: Great action and stunts, funny, good story with characters we care about, and actual killing! Entertaining classic Jackie Chan.

Andy P (ca) wrote: It tries very hard to emulate the great 1970s bottle-episode plot films we all remember so well, and in some ways it succeeds.