As Seen Through These Eyes

As Seen Through These Eyes

As Maya Angelou narrates this powerful documentary, she reveals the story of a brave group of people who fought Hitler with the only weapons they had: charcoal, pencil stubs, shreds of paper and memories etched in their minds. These artists took their fate into their own hands to make a compelling statement about the human spirit, enduring against unimaginable odds.

As Maya Angelou narrates this powerful documentary, she reveals the story of a brave group of people who fought Hitler with the only weapons they had: charcoal, pencil stubs, shreds of paper and memories etched in their minds. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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cahil c (br) wrote: enjoyed..and loved seeing the large combination of korea's finest together in one film..

Jonathan K (mx) wrote: Proof that Mathew Modine can Act...all he needs is a Great Director.

Joe M (it) wrote: Terrible acting, toilet humor, terrible direction, and highly unrealistic, but something about it made me like it. It's somehow charming. So bad it's good?

Bella R (nl) wrote: One of my favorite movies!!! I love it!

Carl M (mx) wrote: When we're talking bad killer shark flicks, two titles always top the list: SHARK ATTACK 3 and Bruno Mattei's made-for-TV movie, CRUEL JAWS. CRUEL JAWS uses so much stolen footage and lifted dialog from other films that it can hardly be recognized as a unique film of its own. The characters and events resemble the original JAWS so much, in fact, that Peter Benchley was given a writing credit despite having no involvement in the production. Fans will note specific instances that have also been blatantly removed from JAWS 3 and THE LAST SHARK, the latter of which is used the most frequently throughout the film. Mattei butchers THE LAST SHARK, Italy's premiere sharksploitation flick, and re-edits nearly half the film into his own with all the precision of a hacksaw. Plagiarism aside, what does exist of Mattei's original footage consists only of the most awful and absurd acting ever to come out of international waters. It is unintentionally hilarious, and serves as a never-ending source of entertainment for B-movie fans. Whether we're looking at the piss-poor line deliveries or the sad attempts at rewriting Benchley's material, CRUEL JAWS is a cinematic abortion from start to finish, but it is so perfectly bad that it even exceeds SHARK ATTACK 3 in the race for worst shark film ever made.

RiP M (ag) wrote: Like a long saxophone riff at a jazz club that never seems to end until the player's come off his high. Glorious score by Terence Blanchard, though.

Rachael F (es) wrote: This was a very sad but good Movie

Edwin M (mx) wrote: very good movie. mel gibson does it again

Dave V (de) wrote: This movie should only be watched once by everyone, and only once. Great one liners, and the mother of all cum-shots. Sleaze to the maxium

Oscar H (ru) wrote: I hnderna p Steven Spielberg hade det hr skerligen kunnat bli riktigt bra. Joe Dante vljer, som s ofta, metaskmt, referenser och glimten i gat framfr att f till en egen, minnesvrd film. Filmens sista tredjedel r rentav en katastrofal rra, vilket kan frklaras av att den inte var klar nr producenterna beslutade att slppa den, tidigare n planerat.

Jack G (nl) wrote: Works even better on the big screen than when I saw it years ago (before I gave it like 2 1/2 out of 4 stars, now it's closer to 3, relative I guess). High art? Fuck that noise, Jack. If Coffy was Crank, this is Crank 2: High Voltage - here, Jack Hill doesn't really pretend to make an actual movie. He's just fucking around, proud of it, and everyone is in on the joke (not that Grier doesn't pull out a few genuinely dramatic scenes, like her speech about justice to the brothers). By the time the airplane chases down a hood, it is completely ridiculous, and the very end of the movie doesn't make much sense logically for what the purpose of Foxy should be after - listen, the woman will still be dealing drugs, what is gonna stop her, a flesh wound on her arm? - but it's still a crazy ride through sex, violence and mayhem as only AIP could have done way back when. See it with an audience if you can, it's much more enjoyable, especially with a scratchy print.

Greg R (mx) wrote: A entertaining and heartfelt comedy-drama film, and one of George Lucas's best directed films, along with the first Star Wars movie.

Jon C (br) wrote: one of Audrey Hepburn's 1st roles into stardomshe takes a personal 'holiday' of her own off from her royal tasks and duties as queen looking to escape the constraints of her royalty she then has a chance encounter with Gregory Peck and is shown the simple, joyful side of common-folka great deal of chemistry is with the leads as they explore the captivating city of Italya few laughs and a few tender moments are exchangedin the end both of them have to go back to where they hail from; Ann has a responsibility and a duty to uphold while Bradley writes for the paper that's banking on the story of the countrya sort-of reverse Cinderella story minus the talking mice and magic but with the same charm and loveableness to it

Kenneth L (gb) wrote: The FBI & Communist Hong Kong are off to an inauspicious start.

Alice S (gb) wrote: I was expecting this McCarthy-Bullock flick to be a raunchy farce, but it's actually a pretty solid buddy-cop movie about friendship, ethics, and redemption.