As Seis Mulheres de Adão

As Seis Mulheres de Adão

Six women revenge themselves on a lady-killer who deceived them.

Six women revenge themselves on a lady-killer who deceived them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Francisco P (it) wrote: I loved the movie as a kid, but now I understand the reasons why people hated it.

John C (de) wrote: On Line is a movie about a group of ultimately interelated characters that spend a large chunk of their time on the Internet, primarily Internet porn sites. Some of the story lines are weak and the stronger ones aren't completely played out, thus the movie didn't fully grab me. It was fasinating in one respect: I brought viewers into a world that many of them may never be exposed to. While most people will deny it, I would guess that the percentage of adults that spend even a fair amount of time on the Internet have, at one time or another, viewed a porn site. And while most of us probably have only limited experience with this form of adult entertainment, there are many others that are totally engrossed in this world. In fact, many of these people rely on these types of sites for much of their social interaction. On Line takes you into the world of these people and provides a glimsp of what their world might be like. Not a pretty picture.

John G (au) wrote: If I were a Martian responsible for judging the fate of humanity based on the male characters in this movie I would gather every nuclear bomb I could find and detonate them all at once and then take the earth and hurl it into the sun and then take what's left and throw that into a series of ever more powerful black holes just to be safe . . . Amanda Peet's radiance is the only reason I wanted to see this . . . it's actually a negative 8, but I give it 8 tomatoes just for her, so it winds up zero . . .

Matthew S (us) wrote: A classic Russ Meyer film about ambition, power, sex and really big boobs. Roger Ebert's one dip in filmmaking is shamelessly funny. One will find more oddly clever lines hidden between Meyer's hyper-attive pace. Actually goes beyond camp to an almost new genre of film entertainment. A must see! I'm still puzzled how this movie still earns the equivalent of an X rating. It's all so silly, it is difficult to find it at all offensive and impossible to deny the entertainment it offers.

Greg W (ag) wrote: the sequel of sorts for frankie n annette

Michael L (it) wrote: Hit a double bill of Ann Sheridan noir. But neither WOMAN ON THE RUN nor THE UNFAITHFUL held much of a grip. Some super witty dialogue in WOMAN but not much else :(

Alan G (de) wrote: Duck Soup is a nonstop laugh riot and one of the funniest movies ever made. It's packed with endlessly quoteable lines and inspired wackiness. I was in stitches all the way through. Overall, this is the Marx brothers' best movie and a treat for comedy fans.

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