Åsa-Nisse flyger i luften

Åsa-Nisse flyger i luften

Åsa-Nisse has invented a very powerful engine and he sells the patent for 50,000 kronor. However, the grocery store owner Sjökvist has been sneaking around and while Åsa-Nisse and ...

Åsa-Nisse has invented a very powerful engine and he sells the patent for 50,000 kronor. However, the grocery store owner Sjökvist has been sneaking around and while Åsa-Nisse and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark M (nl) wrote: Ellen Barkin and Demi Moore are nice to look at. That is about the only value this movie has. I recommend watching it with the audio muted. Making up your own dialogue would be more rewarding than listening to this brainless attempt at entertainment. Seriously, who started letting middle school students write scripts?

John T (mx) wrote: "Can you give a man a minute, bitch?""Who you calling a bitch, bitch?"This movie sucked. Two people break up slowly and drawn out end up sleeping with other people and get jealous and angry. The plot was good, the execution wasn't. Didn't love the characters and was just overall bored with this one.

Deb N (ag) wrote: The plot in this little gem was well thought out and had enough twists to keep me enthralled throughout. I can figure out the plot within the first minutes of most films, but this one kept me strung. The acting by virtual unknowns was great. All in all, worth a rental at least. Could be a tad gory for some.

Evan G (es) wrote: Has it's gross out moments but this little budget comedy is worth seeing.

Justin B (ru) wrote: Bad but shockingly straight edge and oddly watchable. Not the best of the spinoffs but certainly not the worst.

Christian C (kr) wrote: Shper artsticars y loquilla -quizs demasiado-, pero entretenida

Eric H (de) wrote: The structure of the screenplay migrates from "what could happen" into "what happens only in the movies". And, for me, at least, I'm reminded that this is, after all, only make-believe. Nonetheless, the movie really does accomplish a whole lot with a surprisingly very little.

David L (de) wrote: I've only previously seen fleeting bits of this movie before now, but I still thought I would know how it all unfolded - I was wrong, so clearly I'd not been paying that much attention. It basically sees Caine and Martin go head to head in a battle to see who can con their way into getting 50k out of unsuspecting women, with the loser having to suffer the loss of their pride, as well as having to leave the holiday island for good. The comedy is then all injected into the remainder of the story with it showcasing the amusing extremes they will both go to get what they want. Martin poses as a disabled war veteran and mentally disabled Prince, whilst Caine is a highly sought after Psychiatrist from Lichtenstein. Morally this is all completely wrong but the competitiveness between the two drives them into inflicting embarrassment and a lot of pain into one another. It's very tongue in cheek, corny and predictable to an extent, but having said that I was too engrossed in the tasteless humour to suspect what was just around the corner in the concluding scenes. That's just a subtle way of saying I'm unbelievably thick and didn't spot the twist a mile off (even if it was obvious). It's quite a classic from the 80's which doesn't really have a negative element to it. I think the final scenes were not particularly necessary in the sense that the 'Jackal' returned to the island to gloat about their success and start up what is deemed to be another profitable scheme. In my eyes the ending would have been more apt after the bombshell had been dropped and it is the audience that is left with the realisation that they had also been conned throughout. Other than that, its effortless comedy is most fulfilling

Jessica M (gb) wrote: This movie is really amazing. A LOT of violence, and some really sweet fight scenes. But it's also a heartwrenching tale of 4 best friends that grow apart. Two of them join opposing gangs while the other two can only stand by and watch hopelessly as misunderstandings tear them apart. Over all I'd say this movie has something for everybody. It doesn't just revolve around violence, and yet it's not just a sad movie. There are many different aspects that come together to make this one truly incredible movie.

Andrew S (us) wrote: If it were not for the fact that I watched the MST3K version of this film, I would have fallen asleep.This is not only bad, it is boring.

Karina H (mx) wrote: very weak movie, both weak performance and story, the plot was so slow..

Lee B (gb) wrote: One of my favorite movies...a classic....the acting is so good..the story is just as good. The cast is stellar

William James S (es) wrote: Entertaing family feature that has a lot of positive things to say about the way we look at life. It's fun to see all these characters in 3D CGI instead of the squiggly lines that most of us fondly remember from our childhoods. It has has a great soundtrack and strong voice work all around.