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Rushil S (jp) wrote: one word - "AWESOME" !

Tara M (jp) wrote: Love Irons and Wilde!

Oscar S (ru) wrote: "When the well is dry, we know the worth of water." ~~ Ben Franklin

Ryan S (fr) wrote: The CGI for the Lizard was fantastic, and Andrew Garfield did do good as Spider-Man, but the acting wasn't that great. Also, Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), got herself in danger, and Spider-Man had to rescue her.

Joey H (br) wrote: Doesn't seem interesting

Jami K (ag) wrote: I want everyone of the face on the Earth to watch this movie

JeanAntoine B (us) wrote: This movie is shocking and make you understand that you have to take all the little pleasure of life and don't lose time, because life is short and even shorter when you're sick, It's in those moments that you realize how important and precious life is

Danifesto G (ru) wrote: Low production value. Poor acting. The writing was really good in spots. Not quite sure what the point was besides showing that birthdays aren't always happy. The stories I found most memorable was the ex-gay leader and the overweight telemarketer.

Todd G (kr) wrote: Underrated comedy which is worth seeing, no matter what the critics say. Rent it and give it a chance.

Hannibal O (gb) wrote: fucking cried my eyes out.

Michael R (jp) wrote: Underated film... a who dunnit that keeps you guessing till the end. A decent 90's movie with a good story.

Jireh A (au) wrote: "Jesus Christ, what happened?" The final line of the movie truly depicts the overall disturbances that this film portrays. Despite the unnecesarry nudity, this movie is thought-provoking. A question that ponder, what is our society doing? Overall, a very disturbing movie about the truth regarding teenage sex, drugs, and wasted lifestyle.

Nick B (it) wrote: This film was really, really good; very funny, very gritty, very "real." But Lee seems to disappoint us by letting his Black activist, collectivist ideology get in the way of logically, satisfyingly ending his movie. It's not that I'm criticizing what I feel his political beliefs are (judgments made by his generrally never-thinly-veiled messages through his art -- it just seems that Lee caught himself delivering too many messages criticizing Black tribalism, and how collectivism can hurt the most talented individuals among us (to those who disagree, I obviously cite use of the character Giant, whose gambling and ineptitude cause Bleek, our main character, who enables Giant out of love and pity -- to lose his most precious gift of all...But, alas, Lee is no individualist and, while not willing to take the pains to rewrite his entire script, found it easy enough to simply divert his story from what could've been a more natural, resolving ending consistent with the themes established up until the film's climax -- into something entirely disappointing, a complete renouncement of all of the auteur's daring work up to that point.My criticisms are only so vehemently put because the film is quite frankly so good, withstanding all of them. Lee's flashy style works brilliantly for the most part and his use of violence has always been as dynamic as those of Francis Ford Copolla or Martin Scorsese. The acting is excellent all-around, Denzel Washington and Wesley Snipes terrific as the warring Alpha Males of the Jazz scene and Spike Lee's dialogue is as funny as it is painfully honest -- especially when he gets into the mind of the womanizing Bleek, breaking down what he, the player, will call a "dick thing" -- into what is actually the fear of a scared little boy.The film manages to be worth seeing even with Lee's "end game," but, man, do you just hate that the film is held back by such an insincere ending. In the end, the film is a microcosm of Spike Lee's career: it starts out great, has flourishes of brilliance, but politics and ego keep it from becomming all it can be. - N.B.

William E (nl) wrote: This movie rivals Manos.

James G (fr) wrote: Very picturesque but totally mind-numbing late period Hammer, set in the same gneeric mittelEuropean village of the superior and more atmospheric Vampire Circus, etc. The best thing about this film is Gillian Hills, who spends most of her time asleep.

Ken S (es) wrote: Steve Spielberg's independent short film is a nice little start to his long and very successful career. It is sort of like a silent film, mostly music, with a few sound effects and laughs and stuff throughout. It is very late 60s in style, but it has that spark that would become Spielberg's style. It features two young hippies hitchhiking in the desert, as you watch their relationship begin, grow, and see them fall in love before it comes to an end. The film isn't much, but it lead to Spielberg getting a huge TV directing deal, which lead to jobs on "Night Gallery" directing the TV film "Duel", which was later released into theaters...all of which lead to "Jaws" and history...if I were Spielberg, I'd probably name my company Amblin' too.

Jose Luis M (ru) wrote: Buen debut de Paul Newman en la direccin en un drama de mucha sensibidad . destaca una bella y muy buena actriz Joanne Woodward la esposa de Newman en la vida real.

Matt M (es) wrote: A man is haunted by his wife's presence following her death. There is no doubt that most of the seriousness that surrounds this Roger Corman movie based on a short story by Edgar Allan Poe seems a little out of place. However, Price turns in a great performance in the lead role that is perhaps among his best and most unsung. Furthermore, the film is particularly inspired in some great moments, with some great photography that helps build a sinister atmosphere.

Craig C (de) wrote: The seminal "teacher in a ghetto" story that launched the Rock and Roll Era marked the screen debuts to Sidney Pottier, Vic Morrow and Jamie Farr, Sixty years later, guns have taken the place of knives and the music is rap, but the message is more relevant than ever. Essential.

Jared M (kr) wrote: 8 films to die for. It's safe for children...movie relations "Silent Hill"