Åsa-Nisse i popform

Åsa-Nisse i popform


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:1964
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:singer,   sequel,   inventor,  

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Åsa-Nisse i popform torrent reviews

Tolga T (mx) wrote: 4.5 out of 5... Great movie.

Rahul S (mx) wrote: A Dark Thriller with a plot which is left to viewers perception.

Darrin C (br) wrote: It could've been way better, but the ball was dropped. Continuity holes you'll have to see for yourself.

WS W (de) wrote: One proper propaganda.

Paula M (us) wrote: Buensima, hace tiempo que no me rea tanto

Leigh R (ag) wrote: Very interesting true back story to this film. I liked the whole girl power thing and the movie did have one scene that nearly broke my heart. It was pretty okay for what it was.

John B (mx) wrote: A very intriguing and interesting bit of film making. It is a murder mystery but one that is told in an indirect manner and one that involves putting the pieces together through observation of life in a Hungarian village. Very unique.

Amelia R (it) wrote: fecking amazing film, really deep and thought provoking, includes a lot of poetry and lyrics - based on jbj's album of the same name! really great!

Millable C (ca) wrote: I love big ensemble casts, with a script to match the depth of talent in this film ... Start to finish, it grips you, twists you, tantalizes you, and traumatizes (is that a word?) you. In the end you're glad you went along for the ride. Pardon the generous rating I'm a huge Charlize T. & James S. fan.

Frank M (kr) wrote: Coppola directs an all star cast in a gripping drama set during the Vietnam War but told from the perspective of Arlington National Cemetary. I've watched this movie over a hundred times.

Danny R (jp) wrote: Two siding salesman who have a minor car accident, turn into rivals in this Barry Levinson comedy.

Guillaume H (us) wrote: Ive always been a big fan of Lena Olin and to finally see her in this makes me an even bigger fan. The particularity is that she is the daughter of Stig Olin who bergman directed i nmany movies so her caracter discussing with the theater director (ostensibly bergman and played by longtime colaborator erland josephson) in a set of circumstance that mirrors real life brings it an extra dept. It unfolds like a stage play, all shot on the stage, after the rehearsal and the back and forth is pityless, mesmerizing and escalates with a strange and magnificient performance yet again by Ingrid Thulin, in a story that seems like a musing of bergman over how he himself chose art over life and may have done some damages on the way. The final sequence where the 2 leads create for themselve an alternate reality, ultimately with the intent to get the actresses creative juice to flow maximally while keeping the director still away from potential drama in real life, wraps the whole story in a very fullfilling way. Unforgetable, and to be seen more than once.

Frederick v (jp) wrote: Um computador toma conta das defesas militares e transforma a vida do seu criador numa priso domiciliar. Interessante o uso de videoconferncias, telefones celulares, interface de voz e cmeras de vigilncia. O filme coloca a questo do limite da racionalidade humana e a infinitude da mquina.

Spencer P (ru) wrote: Gleefully free in its hilarious/tragic performances, as well as very complexly written and directed, but I just couldn't bear the stripper scene(s).

Alejandro E (ca) wrote: Intenso y desesperanzado vistazo a una generacin sin futuro.

Tara S (nl) wrote: A nice enough film which has some nice moments but I felt these could have been extended much further. There's lots to admire about the film but won't rock everyone's world.

Jay B (au) wrote: Home Sweet Hell is demented as hell, but who doesn't enjoy some twisted shit once in a while? If you can get past crazy wifey's wooden performance, there are many laughs to be had and many twists to be enjoyed.