Åsa-Nisse och den stora kalabaliken

Åsa-Nisse och den stora kalabaliken


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Åsa-Nisse och den stora kalabaliken torrent reviews

Darwin K (nl) wrote: looks weird, like "slither" but it could work.

sherry c (us) wrote: When watching a HK undercover movie, you have no choice but to compare it with Internal Affairs. Of course, Laughing gor is not as good as Internal Affair but it is not bad actually. The whole story is adapted from a character of a highly rated TVB TV series "E.U.", Laughing Gor. And this is the reason why there r so many TVB actors inside the movie. It's just when the movie is adapted based on the TV series, you expected you will see a strong linkage between TV and the movie. But it wasn't like that at all. Because the director doesn't want audience feel like they are watching a TV series but not a movie. So, the director decided to change all the writers of the TV series. And some of them didn't even watch the whole TV series. So, expect the $5 coin, you will find there r not so many details that different from the TV. And these difference r making the movie not good enough to be another excellent adapted movie. About the acting, acting of Michael Tse is above average but Francis Ng is (of course) way better. And dont know why, Anthony Wong seems he is not into the movie, seems that he doesn't want to play the character at all (But his make up is certainly something!! :D). Surprisely, Fala Chan is pretty good but Eric Tsang is certainly replaceable in this movie..

Jenna G (au) wrote: I remember watching this, where is Sebastian Telfair now?

Robyn N (ag) wrote: As tales of sadistic criminal behavior go, the French picture "Mesrine: Killer Instinct" is one of the more vividly paced offerings I have seen in recent memory. It is a true story of one of Europe's most infamous and charismatic criminals, Jacques Mesrine, played brilliantly by Vincent Cassel. The first first film is based on his autobiographic novel, documenting and projecting himself as brutal man who shot dead 39 victims during his 20-year run as a bank robber and kidnapper. A sprawling tale of violence, audacity, and desperation, funneled through an electrifying performance from star Vincent Cassel. His story begins with Jacques returning home to France after time spent in the military inside Algeria. Jacques isn't interested in a daily job or a structured life, preferring to join a criminal organization led by kingpin Guido (Gerard Depardieu). Rising in the ranks due to his loyalty and criminal skills, Mesrine quickly becomes a force to be reckoned with, electing a life of danger over the needs of his family, including wife Sofia (Elena Anaya). Soon taking a like-minded mistress (Cecile de France) and moving to Quebec, Mesrine searches for a simpler life, but after a few stints in prison, it temporarily cools his criminal ambition. However, with his instincts impossible to contain, Mesrine escalates his profile from a common crook, into a prolific media driven gangster with style. Mesrine escapes from two high-security prisons, kidnaps a millionaire, broke back into one of the prisons in an attempt to free his friends, and went on the lam in Quebec, Arizona, and Florida. He justifies his brutal rampage as acts of revolution against the state. While officers are participating in a continuous on-going manhunt for this dangerous gangster, Mesrine is granting exclusive interviews with magazines, and wrote tender love poems to his lawyer. And yes, this is a true story. The combinations of both films were nominated for ten Csar Awards, of which it won three (Best Actor, Best Director, Best Sound). The performance by Vincent Cassel, who portrays the title character, is unquestionably deserving. Cassel masterfully captures the essence of a complex criminal during various stages of his life. He doesn't give Mesrine great depth because he is a psychopath, but he holds a commanding presence. He is brutal, and inscrutable--like a wild animal that kills for survival. He walks into banks to rob them displaying a celebrity-like status, as if he was making a guest appearance. Mesrine puts himself right in the middle of the action without hesitation. Women were inexplicably willing to commit themselves to him. One of a kind gangster and playboy combined, who cherishes his Public Enemy #1 persona, which ultimately leads to his inevitable demise. The style here is categorized by its high energy, with a lot more impact than one expects from the laid-back French film industry. They have an impact recalling the days when gangster movies were grounded in reality, gritty and raw. The first film is easily the better of the two, but still a fantastic crime drama and highly recommended.

Calay G (jp) wrote: jamica how i like it the best keep it up the good work

Derek D (nl) wrote: Seagal's first starring role with a very impressive cast led by Blaxploitation-veteran Pam Grier as his long-suffering partner, Sharon Stone as his wife and Rat Pack hangaround Henry de Silva as the bad guy. A good movie and a sign of things to come for Aikido-legend Seagal - at least until he did Under Seige 2.

Francisco L (gb) wrote: Disappointing movie... When we see the trailer we think: ow! this must be an excellent movie! So, what just happened was that the "excellent trailer" made us feel very disappointing with the final product... Horrible screenplay and plot,, The childreen only appeared in the end of this movie and they were boring, Rosa working at night makes no sense and we don't understand why is that stranger man trying kill them, maybe he is trying to get his revenge with that family or maybe because he is a crazy serial killer, we don't understand...

Michael S (gb) wrote: ridiculous action movie. Lots of action, but the weak plot line made it all seem kinda pointless.

Robert B (ag) wrote: Better titles for this movie would have been "This Movie Is Totally 80s" or "White People Dancing" or "Remember when Sarah Jessica Parker was Cute?"