Aseema: Beyond Boundaries

Aseema: Beyond Boundaries

Aseema Beyond Boundaries film is based on the acclaimed Oriya novel 'Aseema'. It is the story of a young woman played by Gracy Singh. The film takes you through her journey of life as she displays the strength of her character by sheer resilience and conviction in order to achieve all her goals single-handedly, thereby creating her own identity in the society. Along with the subject of womanhood, the film also brings in the theme of true love - love that is beyond any boundaries. It promises to depict various definitions of love that have seldom been explored before. It's a story that redefines relationships and revives unadulterated love.

A divorced mother faces a challenge after she receives a proposal of marriage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Aseema: Beyond Boundaries torrent reviews

Mandy D (nl) wrote: that's so flipped sweet

Nathan A (us) wrote: I like this movie because it is lego and I like lego and it has lego figs!

Leifa T (nl) wrote: This film was very graphic, and not for the faint of heart. Not bloody, but very explicit in the scenes depicting the abuse done to the children. The characters were deep and drew me in very quickly. The acting was extremely well done in my opinion, the actors really portrayed depth of emotin and pain. The story in and of itself was involving and realistic, no surprise as it's based on a true story. The ending is a bit sad and shows the flaws that can be found in every justice system, even the best of them. Well worth the watch!

Cammie F (ru) wrote: i hated this movie so much

Diego F V (us) wrote: Filme legal pra caralho!!! Esta pelicula es una belleza completa. Aca, el maravilloso Salles la 'saca del estadio' presentandonos un Sao Paulo original. Una historia solida y conmovedora de una familia que vive dia a dia de sus desgracias y sus alegrias minimas. Siempre en la busqueda de un objetivo claro en la vida. No el exito ni nada de esas cosas. Buscando una mision verdadera. Excelente.

Andre V (ag) wrote: This film uses a child vision to show how things are not simple and Good x Evil as we would like.

Veronica W (gb) wrote: I was so touched by this movie...definitely an emotional tear jerker.

Jim A (kr) wrote: With horrible unlikeable characters and mean spirited humor that seems to mostly relay on harm to various animals this is both a terrible family picture and one that isn't funny for adults either

Jeremy B (au) wrote: great filing from the 60s

Pierre K (jp) wrote: Korean Cinema at his best.This is one of the very best movie of the beginning of the century and a must see for any Fan of Cinema. From start to finish we are in for a great dark and gritty ride whose The end is absolutely mind blowing. So yes OLdboy is awesome and unless shocking head troubles you ,you will probably watch one of the best movie made in a long time.

Chucky (mx) wrote: December 31st 2012July 18th 2014January 25th 2017