Asesino misterioso

Asesino misterioso


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Asesino misterioso torrent reviews

Dan C (nl) wrote: Not bad, but I want to watch a film in which the baddies can shoot as well as the cops, the cops shitty old sedan can't keep up with a flash car, and a sofa on its side isn't bullet proof!!The ending made this a better film as for once it's not the same old same old cop saves the world.Worth a Netflix watch

Craig L (ag) wrote: Moderately-entertaining homage to the Bigfoot/creature mockumentaries of the seventies. Maybe the most accurate filmed portrayal of what the small-town South is really like, but it really could have been trimmed a little.

bill s (ru) wrote: A Sci-fi action thriller that actually thrills.Underrated fast paced and very well acted film.The look of the film has a Blade Runnerish feel to it.

Carlos I (au) wrote: Pretty great little greaser throwback. It's an early one in Rodriguez's career, so his frenetic style is really transparent, but it fits this story well. It was a lot of fun.

Peter F (ca) wrote: Jacques Tati's masterpiece is an urban satire, and a modernist commentary on Paris that has yet to be equaled in terms of pure innovation. Having a plot in the most loose sense (it's closer to being a short-story anthology with moments of connection) the film still flows seamlessly from one scene to the next, and Tati is always able to keep the scenarios fun. Dialogue and characterizations are kept to a bare minimal, yet they work in great comic effect to the images portrayed of France's modernization and the folly of technological growth. Action and movement abounds in every shot of Playtime, and is filmed in a detached style that other filmmakers have mimicked (Roy Andersson, Leos Carax), but the business in the mise-en-scene is far more congruent here. Playtime is best described as such: It is cinema, it is art, and it is life.

Dante L (fr) wrote: loved this movie!!!! Has a good plot and funny characters, and a very human and bad guy.

moilla g (au) wrote: If you view this movie by todays critical standards, you wont like it. Watch it with a nostalgic eye, and you might realize that back in the 60's and very early 70's. this movie was a very good horror movie.

Allan C (ru) wrote: This Billy Wilder comedy was largely condemned as smut when it was originally released and even now it divides Wilder fans. Myself, I'm in the defender's camp and quite like this film. Ray Walston and Cliff Osmond plays amateur songwriters living in the small Nevada town of Climax when Vegas superstar "Dino" (played by Dean Martin doing terrific exaggeration of his public persona) drives through town. The two then scheme to sell Dino their songs by throwing Walston's wife at Dino, except they chase off his real wife, Felicia Farr, and instead hire local prostitute Pistol Polly, played by the always wonderful Kim Novak. The film's humor is incredibly smuty for it's time, but it's also very funny. Martin is hilarious and it also seems like there's never a Kim Novak film where I don't fall in love with her. For me, Novak really steals the film. Ira Gershwin wrote the songs using some of George Gershwin's unpublished melodies. The film also features Mel Blanc in a bit part as Dr. Sheldrake and Henry Gibson also has a small role. I've been reading a Billy Wilder interview book right now and Wilder seems kind of embarrassed by this film, which is sad. He loved Dean Martin, saying he was the funniest man in Hollywood, and he also loved Novak, but Wilder seemed to feel that the film didn't quite work for audiences and didn't really want to talk about it. The film does try to mix some broad comedy and bittersweet comedy in a similar way that he did in "The Fortune Cookie," and like that film, it mostly works but isn't quite as perfectly balanced as it was in "The Apartment" (thought that film was really a broad comedy). Still, this film is very funny and Novak very likable, which is more than enough to make this a Wilder and I.A.L Diamond classic in my mind.

Justin E (de) wrote: what do oliver gruner and "state of the fucking art" stop motion cyborgs have in common? absolutley stupendous funosity!!!! non-stop speial effects..modest body count..robo-boobs...bad-ass oliver gruner ass kicking cyborg destruction..woah now..settle down're getting out of control...but this show is so BAD ASS!!!

Bruno D (ag) wrote: Star Trek: The Motion Picture is the first Star Trek movie created after the very successful tv series that spawned one of the most enormous cult followings in film history. Unfortunately this movie isn't all that good. The movie has the intriguing characters from the series that we all know and love by now but the films plot is un interesting and boring. Theres no real villain up against our heroes its just a giant blue cloud. Also this feels like a really long episode from the tv series based on how it plays out and how simplistic the plot is. Overall its worth a watch if you've never seen it before and are trying to get into Star Trek or if you're marathoning the entire series but at the end of the day its just a really long and boring snooze fest. If you pretend its an episode of the original tv series then its a bit better 2.5/5

Amanda I (jp) wrote: This film seems to get quite a lot of flack from audiences as being uncomfortably brutal, but I find it is no less and no more brutal than the real-life events the film depicts. The Snowtown spree stands as one of the most prolific serial killing events in Australia, and it's of my opinion that this film does the true story quite a bit of justice. Following an extremely manipulative, malevolent antagonists actions and effects on the family in which he situates himself, and his subsequent abuse and deviance towards the eldest son of the family.I would not typically judge a film based on its brutality alone. The purpose of brutality is where the true worth lies, and in the case of gore-porn, it's often only there to live up to that title. In the case of this film, it is there to drive home the stark reality of what happened in Snowtown and how infections and dangerous group-mentality can become. The film is not a fast one, so only watch this if you are in the mood for a heavy, dark movie that is less adrenaline-pumping and more blood-chilling. Good watch, excellent soundtrack, and I'd give it an 8/10.