ASHBY is a coming of age/approaching death comedy drama

'Making peace' might just entail killing three old bosses who have tricked him into breaching his strange moral code. A seventeen-year-old kid (Ed) trying to understand who he wants to be in the world, befriends a terminally ill ex-CIA contract killer (Ashby) who is trying to make peace with his life and God before he goes. ASHBY is a coming of age/approaching death comedy drama

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Users reviews

Andrew B (gb)

An enjoyable, if somewhat lightweight, Luc Besson romp

Andrew H (gb)

However, I don't want to see Zack Snyder touch anything DC related again, after this film. I even recommend people to see it. I might even check it out on DVD/Blu-Ray. The conclusion to Superman's and Batman's fight is completely underwhelmingHans Zimmer''s score (other than Wonder Woman's theme) is lameOne of the dream sequences involves a use of bats that is downright bizarreParts of the film are too violent for the overall tone (and that's saying something)Overall, I'm glad I saw it. All of it. Here is a simple list of the things I liked:Affleck as BatmanWonder WomanThe two opening scenesIrons as AlfredAll the action scenes that involve BatmanCavill as SupermanHomages to The Dark Knight Returns (including the fight)Philosophical questions asked are more interesting than Man of SteelThe cinematography/visualsAmy Adams as Lois Lane (though her subplot kinda goes nowhereFishburne, Lane, and Hunter were okayThe production designHere's the stuff I definitely didn't like:The story has 4 (or 5?) plots in one, and it does not flow wellJesse Eisenberg as Lex LuthorDoomsday is generic and looks fakeThough the cameos are semi-promising, they are rushed and unnecessarySeveral scenes (including the Knightmare sequence) could have been left outBatman and Superman's motives are weakBatman and Superman feel like they barely know each other in the endThe lazy senate hearingsThe bathtub scene. I personally can go off two hands the things I liked in this film

Cody M (ag)

This one was somewhat softer and felt anticlimactic, regardless I had a good time watching it

Greg W (au)

good fred n ginger musical

Jason R (ru)

And I was hearing lines I could have swore I have heard in other more recent movies. Some good lines for a laugh. An entertaining old flick

Jed S (fr)

There are never enough movies like this

Joey J (nl)

A documentary that focuses more on the repair than the results? Not so much. I love Hubble, I love astronomy

Lucas D (mx)

The grooviest revenge tale. or riffs on. . . Damn, that was more heart-wrenching than the material it spoofs

Matthew C (nl)

stars. This movie is full of emotion and suspense and has characters that are from all walks of life that are going through very similar problems this is a great deep drama with some laughs though the story doesnt flow perfectly and the ending couldve been better 3

simon S (es)

Good true story warms the heart