Ashes and Blood

Ashes and Blood

Exiled from her country since her husband's murder ten years earlier, Judith lives in Marseille with her three children. After having refused to see her family for years, Judith, in spite of her fears and secrets, allows herself to be influenced by her children's wishes and accepts an invitation to their cousin's wedding. They set off to spend a summer in the old country, discovering their roots and their past. But Judith's return revives old hatreds between rival clans. The spiral of violence is inexorably set in motion, blood will tell...

Exiled from her country since her husband's murder ten years earlier, Judith lives in Marseille with her three children. After having refused to see her family for years, Judith, in spite ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ashes and Blood torrent reviews

Betsy W (fr) wrote: Didn't finish it. Depressing and pointless.

Borhan K (nl) wrote: Saw this movie and found it too be very heart warming. A drama with some comedic aspects soo that u doo not get really down in the movie. About an aussie family that has some drama happening and then it snow balls to more and more. and is done with some clever witt. If anything this will teach u some of lifes lessoins :)

Cham O (mx) wrote: Hilarious but a beautiful movie with a fascinating story. Really good romantic comedy!

Suanne C (jp) wrote: missed this one completely at the cinema - found it buried away on netfilx - oh, what a marvellous gem of a movie - loved it

Amy R (jp) wrote: Good movie.The part I didn't like was the ending which was not bad, but completely different from the book, except for that Kathy Tannenbaum was rescued by Reggie Stewart. Also the fact that the clues and some major parts from the book that they could have used in the movie were completely changed.

Nathan N (au) wrote: A wierd movie. Very strange but it's fun. I need to see it again.

Alison C (us) wrote: one of the best films ever made, funny, quirky and dark.

John R (fr) wrote: 161223: Looked up this film after seeing it discussed on Facebook. Glad I did. The first half is pretty damn good and I was surprised at the number of great actors featured. Found the story slowed a bit in the second half but even more classic faces popped up. Wonderful cars and decent action. A lighthearted, quirky yet tragic story. I'd even describe it as a bit too realistic and harsh. Well worth watching and surprised I had not seen this film by now. Felt some deja-vu around the one room school house scene so perhaps the film just faded with my youth?

Robin D (fr) wrote: Doris Day and Rock Hudson are always fun to watch.

Daryl K (ag) wrote: A Cagney performance for the ages, portraying one of the most psychotic, cold-blooded killers ever put on film. Excellent support around him too, including Margaret Wycherly as Ma Jarrett, and Virginia Mayo as Cagney's gun moll. You can't mention 'White Heat' without evoking the final scene, one of the most famous in film history. "Top o' the world," indeed.

Jaime R (de) wrote: "La Terra trema" is director Luchino Visconti at his very best.

Dianne G (mx) wrote: This movie was HORRIBLE!! Me and a friend kept waiting for it to get better but it was so depressing and just awful!

Tim W (nl) wrote: Far fetched and too convenient, and even got annoying by the second act. It wasn't terrible but it just couldn't hold my interest.Not near as thrilling as it tries to be. A try fail.

Xeni Z (nl) wrote: My Opinion: The beginning of this movie is my most favorite part to watch: I love to see how Madam M transforms the girls through hard physical and mental (and lastly, emotional) training, to become the best assassins the world has ever seen.After they are all grown up and going out on missions though, the film takes a very dark turn. I dislike watching them all get killed one after another for various reasons, the last one being a psychopathic killer who wants revenge on the whole organization.Conclusion: If you want something with a bit of sexy ladies, some Asian fight scenes and no happily ever after, then this is for you.