A teenage girl, distraught from her vain attempt to connect with her estranged mother, resorts to cutting herself. When she develops an online relationship with an older woman, she learns to accept her sexuality and the endless solitude of sprawling suburbia.

A teenage girl, distraught from her vain attempt to connect with her estranged mother, resorts to cutting herself. When she develops an online relationship with an older woman, she learns ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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NaNeeka T (gb) wrote: Better than the first installment.

mark d (fr) wrote: AwardsYear Award Category Result Recipient2012 Chicago International Film Festival Best International Feature Nominated Abbas Kiarostami65th Cannes Film Festival Palme d'Or Nominated Abbas Kiarostami2013 7th Asian Film Awards Best Cinematographor Nominated Katsumi Yanagijima7th Asian Film Awards Best Director Nominated Abbas Kiarostami7th Asian Film Awards Best Supporting Actor Nominated Ryo Kase

Jacob J (it) wrote: AHHH! WHAT IS THIS MOVIE!

Peter A (kr) wrote: An A+ "B" movie.If you like zombie movies, this is a treat!Gina Ramsden is great as a "mortally challenged" single girl just trying to get along.Flesh-eating plus light comedy! What could be better?Streams on netflix.

Guillaume L (it) wrote: Kormakur transpose son univers apre et poisseux aux USA. Il a un peu grossi le trait dans la desolation des paysages et la "beaufitude" des habitants. Cela contribue a creer une atmosphere unique dira-t-on ! Le personnage de Whitaker est plus interessant, plus ambigu. Meme si on devine son evolution a l'image d'un intrigue apparemment complexe mais qui reprend des themes classiques : usurpation d'identite, arnaque a l'assurance. Le film egratigne d'ailleurs avec un certain bonheur le metier d'assureur (voyous ! :-) ). Il est bien mene et merite d'etre vu. Meme s'il ne vous laissera pas un souvenir imperissable.

Steven V (it) wrote: This is probably Dolph Lundgren worst movie besides Stormcatcher. The first complaint is the glaring inconsistencies. Having American's flying MIG's, having air-to-air missiles turning into torpedos when they hit the water. The fact that the submarine looked like an oil refinery rather than something where space is of a premium or maybe the lack of any attempt at military accuracy. Then there is the horrible characters. Every Russian shown was either a terrorist or drinking vodka. All the Americans were caricatures of real people, and they kept saying "God help us". So much of the footage was stolen from other movies it is laughable. They included a female terrorist basically so she could have a cat-fight with Dolph Lundgren's fiancee. Basically this movie is a very clich action movie that is not in anyway stylish or well scripted but it is funny, notably the bad Russian accents and the puns, so at least the makers of this new they were not making a classic, overall this is not horrendous but is still pretty bad,you could quite easily stomach the full 90 minutes on a good day, if only for the hilariously cheesy dialogue but if you have a choice between this and an earlier Dolph Lundgren flick the place this nicely back on the shelf.

Nicholas H (es) wrote: An impartial look at the world of big pimpin. Admittedly these are all pretty deplorable characters - but it's worth a look simply for the sheer amount of nonsense and swagger that's on portrayal. Entertaining stuff!

Glenn S (es) wrote: An exceptional cast juggling an average at best script.

Brad S (gb) wrote: Really disappointing film that does not hold up 25 years later. Compared to contemporary films like Wall Street, The Last Emperor, Empire of the Sun, and Good Morning Vietnam, this movie plays like a mediocre Lifetime channel soap opera. The music is unbearable throughout the film, taking me out of the story almost completely. But there are some strong moments when the characters and performances work. Even though the ideas at play here are relevant and foreshadowing to today's media context, they get lost in a long and boring three-way love affair that never even goes anywhere. Hurt and Hunter are solid here, but they've gone on to much better work in their careers.

Alex (es) wrote: This movie was cheesy as Hell, but it was a great laugh, just for that. The patter was as only Scottish patter is, so again, it was a great movie just for that...I only watched it again because Big Country did the soundtrack, but I forgot how silly, funny and entertaining the whole thing was.Just watch it, and then you'll know... LOL

Diego F V (it) wrote: Prova d'orchestra pone de manifiesto varios de los conceptos utilizados por Fellini para criticar satiricamente a la sociedad contemporanea. El filme inicia como una especie de documental (de hecho, podria considerarsele asi a esta pelicula) en donde Fellini va abordando poco a poco a varios integrantes de una orquesta sinfonica reunidos en una vieja iglesia para ensayar. A medida que transcurren estas entrevistas en torno a este 'ensayo de orquesta' van saliendo a relucir toda una serie de problemas que giran en torno a esta orquesta y sus relaciones mutuas; se trata de toda una serie de conflictos evidentes dentro de una sociedad que Fellini ha hecho metafora al reducir el nucleo social a una faccion minima para poder manejar mejor estos temas. Es una pelicula brillante. Interesante abordar, tambien, el tema de esta pelicula a partir de una idea de catarsis, tan necesaria para el artista en el desarrollo de su trabajo, de sus ideas y pensamientos. Ah, por supuesto que la musica es una maravilla, como siempre, en las manos de Nino Rota. Fellini, grande.

Timothy P (es) wrote: Understated and powerful.

Zach W (de) wrote: It's so bad it's actually funny to make fun of.

Christopher B (ca) wrote: It was alright. Something different, interesting aspects to it.