Ashta Chamma

Ashta Chamma

The movie starts with a small introduction that all the female fans of actor Mahesh Babu were "angry" on him when he got married. Even the heroine is one of them, though she is a die hard fan. Although her aunt (Jhansi) keeps telling her that it's not possible to get her married to Mahesh she pays no heed and stays depressed for days. Finally, she compromises with her aunt by demanding that her husband's name must be Mahesh. Her aunt relents and starts the search for the groom, though in vain. Her neighbor, Anand, helps the heroine by searching a seemingly perfect "Mahesh". He becomes friends with him and sees that Mahesh is a classy, handsome guy. Soon, the neighbor introduces the two and the couple seem destined to be together forever—until the twists come with a new heroine, her relationship with "Mahesh" and his past. If their love lasts forever forms the rest of the story.

Ashtachemma Lavanya (Colors Swati) is a hardcore fan of hero Mahesh Babu. And her ambition is to marry hero Mahesh. But her heart is broken when Mahesh married Namrata Sirodkar. She lowers ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeremy B (nl) wrote: Awesome movie. About time we got him

James 1 (de) wrote: i have been told 2 star ill have to buy it so i can rate it properly

Karissa C (es) wrote: Wow. I'm actually speechless. The deception and infidelity actually brought excitement and passion to all their lives. Wow. I just hope it stops after the wedding cause all their actual love affairs are better off .

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