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Jason D (it) wrote: Black Swarm is another entry in the low budget Maneater Series which provides cheap B-movie Nature-run amok horror. From the start, they were real stinkers, but gradually, they gotten better and better, and Black Swarm is no exception. The film is about a mother and daughter who move to a small, quaint town just before the invasion of genetically-mutated super bees built for the army (of course) picks up steam. The bugs have already been stinging people and turning them into zombie-esque drones that stagger about town until barfing out additional bees to cause a ruckus. It's up to the sexy mom (whose also the new cop in town), the sexy entomologist whose been called in to help figure things out (though she bares a secret of her own), and the local sexy exterminator, who happens to be the twin brother of the new girl's dead husband. Yeah, there's some soap opera nonsense put into it. The acting is slightly alright, but what is TRULY awful is the hilariously stupid dialog (" got some 'sploding to do!!"). What truly saves this movie is the great Robert Englund who plays the mad scientist that developed the bees and is now trying to stop them. He was terrific in this very comical "horror" film! Not bad.

Simon M (ca) wrote: This is my son's favourite DVD and it's a wonderful, magical, absurdly funny and cute world on display here.

Kenneth D (mx) wrote: After watching this movie I'm convinced that the screenwriters/director didn't feel like faithfully adapting Anne Rice's story so instead they just decided to tear out about a 1/3 of the book's pages (the ones that would've made the movie's plot make sense) then they each took turns wiping their asses with the remaining 2/3 of the book before handing the mutilated shit stained corpse in the form of this awfully made movie to the audience. As you can probably gather from reading my review I don't like this movie very much in fact if I could rate this movie lower than half a star I would. My advice? Don't watch this movie because, it's not bad in the entertaining way it's just bad.

tessa b (kr) wrote: Awesome movie that has an awesome soundtrack. Especially the beginning song and ending song. Also a great part is when the uncle or the brother I forget which is listening to guests doing it and giggles like a school girl. That's awesomely hilarious.

Eliabeth D (nl) wrote: Pretty pointless in my opinion, not a very good Oliver Platt movie, I prefer something like Three to Tango. :)

Shane J (kr) wrote: Again nothing to do with the original or even the naff sequel which is a bit weird as they have the same actor playing the hero again just a diffrnt guy for some reason? how hard would it have been to change his name in the script and try and link it? here 2 brothers look to get revenge on there dads murder by terrorists, the main prob is everyone is a awful actor!! i mean everyone its like watching a high school play on the big screen actually thats unfair on high school actors who are all better then anyone in this. The martial arts is good? thats all i can say as nothing else really holds up, guess its just funny in a this is really bad way?? still better than the 2nd movie

Margareth W (ru) wrote: marko is a marvelous young actor..!the story is highly original, raw, it's a tense gripping drama.

Muffin M (ru) wrote: I own this on DVD and on Blu-Ray in a five movie pack along with:* Dirty Harry (1971)* The Enforcer (1976)* Sudden Impact (1983)* The Dead Pool (1988)